Gemersik Kalbu, Aishiteru, Vanila Coklat, BFF Teman Tapi Mesra, Ariana Mikhail....

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Yes.. I'm babbling about all those Malay dramas on TV.
Gosh, I'm getting addicted to dramas nowdays LOL.

Starting with Nora Elena, AdaMaya, now...

Gemersik Kalbu finally over and I have to say eventhough the story was slow in the beginning (and I almost gave up hope watching it) but I'm very satisfied with the whole drama and the ending ;)

Considering I don't have the time to watch the dramas directly from the TV (yes! I'm that buzy), so I just download them from the net... shuussshh.

And I just finished watching Vanila Coklat this morning.
The drama is so sweet that it makes my heart melts.. seriously.
And I love the hero; Aiman Hakim Ridza and the
heroin; Izara Aishah.
I think they have a very good chemistry between them although I gotta admit, the starting of the drama was a bit off.. akward, I shall say but as it goes further, I saw them well matched ;)
Too bad both of them are no longer available for each other.. LOL

And the way his popularity rate spikes way high up from this drama, it wouldn't surprise me if Aiman would go further in this industry.
PLUS he ain't that bad looking either.. haha! Some say he might be the next Aaron Aziz.. hmmm..
In my opinion, let him become Aiman and Aaron Aziz be Aaron Aziz... 
I would very much like it if this drama being make into a book.
Publisher/writer... any hope? =D

Another drama I had been following is BFF Teman Tapi Mesra
For me, it was a good storyline but I was disappointed to know that it went on only till episode 8

In my opinion, this drama can go a long way and not just stop at episode 8.
The last episode looks like everything was squeezed into the 39-minute drama.
My heart is itching to have a more satisfying ending for Iskandar and Shahidah. What happened to Emran? and Norish - who stole Shahidah's creations? So many unanswered questions..
Oh well, I guess my heart doesn't matter...

But is it true that a BFF can be both, a good friend and a good husband while a husband can't be a good BFF? Hmmm...

I'm loving this drama as I love Vanila Coklat ;)
Romantic comedy but (haha! there's a BUT)
I'm kindda disappointed with the ending.

I think the ending is kindda abrupt too.
I was like... what? that's it? Hmmm...
In the last episode, the 2 years story just goes like that - they went their separate ways, finished their studies, Iz joined the navy, Azira finally managed to finish her novel, Ammar getting engaged...
And gosh! Men in white uniform never fail to turn me into mush! LOL!

Ariana Mikhail...

Okay... I'm holding my review for now
I haven't watch it yet. LOL
I managed to download the whole drama already and will review it once I finish watching it...

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