Novel Review: Suami Yang Kubenci

Monday, March 26, 2012
Suami Yang Kubenci
By E-Man Sufi
544 pages
KaryaSeni Enterprise

What else can I say? This novel, by far for this year, is one of the BEST novels I had read. I kid you not! But if I want to look thoroughly the storyline, the beginning is more or less the same as Siti Rosmizah's 7 Hari Mencintaiku; only the beginning, mind you. But as it goes, Suami Yang Kubenci is tottaly different from 7 Hari Mencintaiku.

Hannah Maryam had no choice but to marry Uwais Ukasyah (I'm lovin' that name) after her fiance, Tengku Muiz was caught in an underaged girl's underpants... or so to speak less than a week to her big day. Her grandpa, Tuk Ayah was furious when Hannah got engaged to Muiz in UK so this time, no compromise, Hannah had to marry her grandpa's choice of groom.

Uwais, an ambitious businessman owed some money from a loan shark and when his business (burger stall) was slow, the money he owed had triple. Tuk Ayah settled his debt with a condition - marry Hannah.

Hannah hated Uwais coz for her, Uwais didn't reach her standard. And yes, they could be more different. Hannah drove an Audi, Uwais drove a classic Mini Copper. Hannah was a CEO for the family's company, Uwais was a 'burger-man'. Hannah graduated with Masters from a top university in UK, Uwais (for Hannah) probably just barely passed his SPM. Unknown to Hannah, Uwais graduated from a university from Jordan.

People kept on saying, don't hate a person too much coz in the end, you would love the person more than life itself. Which is what happened in this novel; from hate to love. I know you would say, what special about this novel that I 'chopped' this as one of the best novels?

You see, most of the novels I read, the flow is always the same. 2 persons hate each other, they fall in love with each other and when they find happiness, some bad things happens they fight, one person goes one side, the other to another and it takes some lengthy story before they finally find their "everlasting" happiness. Am I right?

So, am I saying Suami Yang Kubenci any different? Hell yeah! Hannah finally admitted that she loved Uwais before it's too late. They learnt to accept each other weakness and loved each other for who they were. And I have to salute the writer for making this novel "alive". While I was reading it, I envisioned the whole scenario in my mind and I was not afraid to laugh out loud to the funny parts. Yes, I do laugh when I read a novel that can make me do so.

Congratulations E-Man Sufi! For me, you can go further with your writing! Salute!

My rating: 9.5/10

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