Novel Review: Tuan Rumah Pembantu Rumah

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tuan Rumah Pembantu Rumah
Orkid Edyliyne
517 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

How many of you had read this novel, please out your hands up. And tell me honestly how you rate this novel?

I don’t know whether it’s the novel itself or my reading-mind has totally changed for I found this novel really really disappointing. Gosh! This is the second novel with “Novel Terlaris” chopped on the front cover and when I read it, it’s not up to my expectation. I’m really really totally disappointed. It took me 3 weeks (seriously!!) to finish this novel and even that, I had to force myself to read and finish it for I promised to myself that no matter how uninteresting the novel might be, I will finish it; no matter how long it would take.

As for the review, I don’t if I can do it. I would let other readers read it.

Why this novel is disappointing? Well, there is no proper storyline. It’s like the character herself, Intan Asha Areen, who in my opinion had no proper purpose in life. The author uses her obsession for Koreans into this novel (I’m no longer a big fan of Korean dramas). The author uses Korean languages instead of Malay when infact a malay novel, the purpose is to promote Malay language, don’t you think?

Anyway, it’s just my opinion of this novel. Sorry if this review ever reach the author. But in my honest opinion, this novel might be interesting for teenagers or young adults. I’m not saying I’m that old but what’s a novel with no impact on the readers? Nada... Zero.. Nil..

My rating: 3/10

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Sarah said...

I'll be glad if u r willing to let go this novel for a cheaper price...

iantie said...

U want this novel? I dont mind letting this novel go. Let me know how much u r willing to pay for it. But i gotta say this novel is still brand new n i wrapped all my novels with cover ;)

Sarah said...

perhaps u cud give me 20-25% discount from its original price :)

iantie said...

hehe... deal ;)
message me in my FB account, ok? hehe. we can sort this things over there. thanks =D