The "What Ifs"...

Friday, March 16, 2012
I always said to myself that, past is past, no use of thinking what had happened but as a normal human, I (and you) couldn't help but to think the 2 words that could change the present and shape your future - what ifs...

What ifs... it could be for different meanings and different things and different purposes in life. I'm not saying that I'm regreting the life I'm having now... oh! big NO! I'm lovin' my life... what is there not to love. But sometimes, I would think that my life would be different if I had chose different path in life in the past.

Who knows? I might be married with kids nowdays instead of having a wonderful, understanding, loving boyfriend (LOL!). I might be surrounded with lots of friends but no real BFF like my own BFF, Didz =D I might be working in a sterile environment instead of the choatic, hectic and stressful environment... haha!

Of course I have to admit that there are some things I do regret. An example, I wish I could be a better friend to my male BFF. Honestly, eventhough I rarely admit it, I do miss him. I miss you Chep!

But then as I said, no use in thinking about those. Now, just keep on living. Mistakes are make to be made by us human. From them, we can improve ourselves and shape a better future. And always remember by the end of the day, be thankful for what you have, had done and achieved coz living a life is not to regret the past but to embrace and appreciate the present - life, family and friends. The future? Oh, don't worry much about it. The future will come naturally... eventually ;)

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