Novel Review: Kampung Girl

Monday, March 19, 2012
Kampung Girl
by Umi Kalsom
547 pages

I'm lovin' this novel.

I'm trying to remember if I ever read such a familiar story but at the moment, I can't.

Ainnur, who falls in love with her own cousin, Ashraf eversince she was a child wouldn't give up to gain Ashraf''s love. However, Ashraf feels totally opposite. For him, Ainnur is just another cousin who happens to live in a village hence the kampung girl. For Ashraf, Ainnur, as a kampung girl is uneducated, just managed to finish her form 5, stay at home and wait for somone to come and propose when infact Ainnur is an overseas graduate teacher.

So when both parents want to marry them off, Ainnur agrees but with one condition; no one is allowed to tell Ashraf who she really she - an educated teacher. No matter how Ainnur shows her love to Ashraf, it only makes things worst; Ashraf hates kampung girl. Ego? Yeahhh... way up high. And for Ashraf, he couldn't love another after Ain Airina - his another 'Ain'.

But when Faisal, an ex-senior of Ainnur (who admits he loves Ainnur) comes back into Ainnur's life, Ashraf couldn't help himself but to get jealous. He falls in love with Ainnur? Impossible. But that impossible thing happens. He marries Ainnur but still live apart - he is KL while Ainnur in Pulau Pinang. Every messages and phone calls from Ainnur are left unanswered and every time they managed to talk, it will only hurt Ainnur even more. Until 1 day, Ainnur left with no more messages and phone calls that Ashraf realises, he has to lower down his ego and amend things.

But how to amend a broken heart? A wife's heart nontheless...

And how Ainnur, Ashraf, Faisal and Ain Airina come together in this novel? You have to read it, of course!

My rating: 7/10

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