Novel Review: Memang Itu Cinta

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Memang Itu Cinta
Elin Nadia
546 pages
Alaf 21/GrupBuku Karangkraf

After my previous novel-disappointment, I decided to choose carefully my next novel to read among my 10 new unread novels. And Thank God, this novel ain’t as disappointing as the previous one.

Rania and Irfan are BFF with totally different characters. Rania is rough, outspoken person while Irfan is timid, weak person, kindda a shame for a guy. Whenever Irfan is bullied by their friends, Rania is always there to defend him which make Irfan to fall in love with Rania.

Rania, however, doesn’t want to be in love or fall in love ever again after the death of her first love, Haris and Irfanknows of that fact. But because of love, he goes ahead and propose Rania. When Rania’s parents agree to Irfan’s proposal, Rania is no longer defending Irfan. Infact she is inturn bully Irfan, hoping that he backs off and takes back his proposal. But beneath Irfan’s timid look, he has a determination to have Rania as his wife.
Whenever Rania showers him with rough treatments, Irfan showers her with love.. over and over again until Rania realised that eventhough, she doesn’t love Irfan but she has to face the fact that she can’t live without her BFF, Irfan.

What happened between those two? Will Rania ever love Ifan more than just a BFF?

Well, of course it ends with happy ending. If it doesn’t, I would be disappointed with this novel too. LOL!

My rating: 6.5/10

Next review: Kau, Aku, Kita by Orkid Edyliyne. I decided to give her other novel a try. Let’s see if her second novel can change my preception on her writing...

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