Masih Setia - Aisya Sofea

Monday, December 27, 2010
Title: Masih Setia
Author: Aisya Sofea
No. of Pages: 535 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

You won't get disappointed when it comes to novels and Aisya Sofea! Seriously!
I had read every Aisya Sofea's novels and I kept on wanting more!!!!

But I gotta say this novel, Masih Setia took a different approach than her other novels.
Miera, who is tied by traditions of Minang, was asked to go back to Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia to get to know her mum's side of family and at the same time, to introduce her to Rudi, Miera's (great) grandmother's choice of husband (for Miera).

Not to disappoint her Indonesian family, she went back to Bukit Tinggi with her family. She couldn't find a fault with Rudi but somehow her heart is not for him.

Tragedy struck when Miera went to Padang to send her family home to Malaysia and she stayed with her uncle and family.
The earthquake that stuck Padang meet up Miera with Malik, a surgeon from NGO from Malaysia and it was love at first sight. Miera knows that her heart is for him. But when she knows that Malik is engaged, she tried to cast away her love for him but couldn't. Knowing that she couldn't 'take' Malik away from his fiance (knowing how much Malik loves his fiance), Miera accepted Malik as her friend.

Back in Malaysia, Malik introduced his fiance, Mia and seeing their love for each other, Miera walked off.... until 1 day she saw Mia with another man. For the love of her friendship to Malik and her love to him, she told Malik what she saw but Malik didn't believe her, accusing her of creating conflicts between him and his fiance.

How would you feel if someone you love (and who love you in return) accused you as such?
Would you forgive him? Miera almost didn't!

I gave it 9/10.

And from this novel, now I know a bit of Minang traditions =)

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