Dosa Semalam - Adilla Tasha

Sunday, December 19, 2010
My BIGGEST weakness would be BOOKS!
Yesterday, I was saying to myself, "I don't need more books coz I got some books unread."
But of course, when I'm bored I couldn't help it (to buy books)
so I said, "Okay, maybe just 1 or 2"
But then again, I ended up walking out of that bookstore with not 1, not 2 but 3 BOOKS!

Dosa Semalam by Adilla Tasha is one of the 3 books!

The first novel I have from this author and wow! it was awessssooommmmeee!
By the end of the day, 8 hours after I started reading it,
I got fluffy eyes!

A story life of Hanim, the eldest in the family and who helped her father and support her other siblings by working as soon as she finished high school.

On an unfortunate night, she was raped by her own boss, Ariff who left the next day, leaving Hanim pregnant and being discard or disinherit by her family.

Saved by Izan, an old friend from high school, Hanim went to the city and with the supports from Izan and her family and members of Rumah Kasih Sayang, Hanim went through her pregnancy with no regrets although she couldn't deny in one time or another she thought of the father of her baby.

Aidil Arif born without a father by his side and without her husband by Hanim's side but that didn't stop her from raising up her son with the best love and educations a mother can give.

Until 1 day, 6 years after, she met again with Ariff. To quit the job that she had, Hanim didn't want to show Ariff that she's weak but to meet him everyday, she can't either.

Meanwhile for Ariff, meeting Hanim is his biggest aim in life. He tried to search for her 6 years ago but failed and this time he won't let her go again - not after he met a boy who is the exact clone of him!

But with the hurts and the pains Ariff had caused, does Hanim dared to love again?

Oh please! Read it!
At least I'm not the one only left with the puffy eyes LOL!

I gave this novel 9/10!

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Ryan said...

I know you have too many books already but I'm giving away a fantastic book as part of my blog contest.

pelangipagi said...

Hai, terima kasih banyak2 krn berpuas hati dgn apa yg sya sampaikan. Dgn kepuasan dan komen dari awak sebagai pembaca buat sya bersemangat utk terus menulis..sekali lagi sya ucapkan terima kasih krn atas penerimaan Dosa Semalam ini.

iantie said...


novel akak memang best.. kalau ada novel baru, announce k? dapatlah jugak yg jauh d brunei nie tahu.. hehe

selamat berjuang ;)

~cik lenny~ said...

salam..boleh tak bagitahu keluarga Izan menetap di mana dalam novel ni..thanks ye :)