Turtle Updates...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Oh! I love turtles. Don't you?
I got 4 of them ;)

Anyway, as the title goes, sorry for the turtle updates
and it would be another much turtle updates soon.

Currently I'm doing my night shift duty.
Yup! 7 hours 7 days nonstop!
No new year or long weekend for me *big sigh* but then that's work for you.
Furthermore, I got tonnes of paperworks, reports, usages and as such to complete
for submission *another BIG sigh*

Reading wise - I finished reading Jiranku Kekasihku by Lysa Allysa recently.
My review, I will post it when I have the time.

Currently, I'm reading Akan Ku Tunggu by Sania Yasmin
and most probably with the rate I'm reading, I will finish it before Friday comes ;)

And at the same time, I'm still searching for these 2 novels:
Penjara Rindu by Nia Arissa

... and
Kau Milikku by Aisha Hamza

My regular bookstore said that they are running out of both novels ;(
and dunno when it would be available.

So, if you are a reader from Brunei and you know where I can find these 2 novels,
please let me know. Thanx!

Overall, that's my update for now.

IF I didn't get the chance to 'see' you bloggers and readers before the new year,
I would like to wish an advance NEW YEAR 2011 to all of you!

May the new year would bring a better world to all of us!

2 knock knock:

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hey girl. ive been away. back to ontario for the christmas holidays. it was exhausting but fun. too much celebrating :)
i hope you find the books you are looking for. dont think i can help you there.
have a good day

iantie said...

hey laura! happy to hear from you! i know you would be busy! i do hope you would post some pics soon from ur christmas..would love to see how it went =)

about the books, no worries. i found it already ;)

have a great weekend and happy new year Pooch!!