Haunted Changi

Saturday, December 4, 2010
First and foremost, I'm not sure whether to call this a movie or a documentary.
But all the crews are real and they even use their own names and the director said Haunted Changi (HC) is a documentary.

Changi Hospital is labelled as one of the most haunted places in the world. How true? I'm not really certain.

But this documentary/movie showed the history (the real history) of Changi Hospital and to know more, please click here

Did I scream while watching this movie? Haha..
Not really, just like a small 'aaahh' but not that loud.. LOL

And up till now I was wondering to myself, what happened to the crews presently?
I know Farid (the sound expert) is still alive and healthy, judging from a Singaporean blogger, Noel Boyd but what's up with the rest?
Is Andrew (the director) really died and Audi (the cameraman) is in prison waiting for trial as he murdered Andrew?

Haha! Sorry for the spoiler but then to know what really happened, you gotta watch this movie. It is scary as it contains the real footages of the film but as I said to myself, it's tolerable.

1 thing I'm still wondering though; I used to live in Singapore and worked in hospital settings, how come I didn't hear about Old Changi Hospital before and how could I missed this place? Hmmm...

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