Finding a new hobby - Scrapbooking

Sunday, December 5, 2010
I need to find a new hobby apart from blogging, reading, watching movies and tv series and all those currently what I had been doing.

Last Friday, while I was roaming around The Mall in Gadong, I found this cool store - Shabby Chic!
It provides all the essential tools and materials that you need for your creative minds!

Previously and currently, I do have scrapbooks but let's just say that there are simple scrapbooks.
But now, I'm trying to be creative and let's see how creative I can be...

So, that night I bought 2 12' x 12' chipboard and 2 Riley Dots Pink Glitter paper
and 2 days later (as in today), they are still remain undisturbed.. haha! I guess my creative mind is not in active yet!

What I have in mind?
I'm trying to DYI by making a book
and I'm learning by looking at a local bookmaker artist, Rozi
She makes the most wonderful books - scrapbooks, journals - and cards for any occasions!
She even conducts classes to teach how to make books and most of her classes are full!
Talk about being talented!
Her blog is definitely worth checking it out!

2 knock knock:

Pooch Purple Reign said...

at least you have the intention of getting started. thats good for something

iantie said...

that's what i thought too laura.
m definitely gonna start soon.
have a lovely week ;)