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Wednesday, December 15, 2010
I was planning to update soon but because I was having my seasonal flu (coughing, sore throat, headache, fever bla bla bla), so I'm kindda left behind (in updating).

Anyway, here it goes.

For The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) 4 as I mentioned before in the other post,
these are the final 3 teams.

And as most of you know by now, the Richards won the race.

Although I would like the father/daughter to win the race and with them having the lead in the final leg of this race, they (or rather the father, Hussein) gave up on the task of crossing the two towers of Marina Bay Sands at the height of 55 floor and took the 4hours penalty and eventually left them the last team (honestly, I think I would give up on that too! I mean, 55 floor high man!) but I gotta salute Michelle for performing that roadblock. She is awesome!!

So, that goes TARA 4!

As for The Amazing Race (US), the final 3 teams are
Nat and Kat, Brooke and Claire and Jill and Thomas.

And from the beginning of the race, I go for all female teams! and gotta say Nat and Kat are my favorite! Why? Coz they never scream at each other (they remind me of the cowboy brothers, Jet and Cord from Season 16).

And I was superduper excited when they won!
Yup! The first ever all-female team to win TAR!
Gosh! It took 17 seasons to make history!

But I gotta say, if Jill and Thomas didn't get a lousy taxi driver,
they might just beat Nat and Kat to the finishing line.
Oh well, they didn't call it amazing race for nothing!

For their post interview, click the link below

Mentioning about the cowboy brothers, do you know that they will be back for next season??

Yup! Season 18 would be The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business(I LIKE!!!)
or shall I call it The Amazing Race All-Stars

The teams that are rumored to be in this upcoming season would be:

1. Kynt and Vyxsin (12)
2. Ron and Christina (12)
3. Amanda and Kris (14)
4. Kisha and Jen (14)
5. Jaime and Cara (14)
6. Margie and Luke (14)
7. Mel and Mike (14)
8. Flight Time and Big Easy (15)
9. Zev and Justin (15)
10. Jet and Cord (16)
11. Gary and Mallory (17)

How true the rumors are, I'm not that sure but 1 thing for certain, I would have a hard time deciding which team I want to win!

I SO BADLY want Jet and Cord to win but I gotta say, with Gary and Mallory, Kisha and Jen, Jamie and Cara, Flight Time and Big Easy; it definitely won't be that easy!

Too bad Brooke and Claire are not in for upcoming season. Rumor has it that Claire is pregnant. I might be wrong!

But TAR Unfinished Business would be super-uber fun!!!

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

good documentation.... i saw the last episode with my mom. have a great weekend. i had a birthday today so it was a fun day for me

iantie said...


Happy Birthday Pooch =) May you be blessed with good wealth, good health, good friends and good foods all the time ;)

Glad you have a fun day on your birthday!