Kasih Pun Bersatu - Izza Aripin

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Title: Kasih Pun Bersatu
Author: Izza Aripin
No. of Pages: 784 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel Enterprise

Kasih Pun Bersatu is the continuation of .... dan Mimpi Pun Bersatu by the same author. And thanx to the author herself for recommending this novel to me. After reading ... dan Mimpi Pun Bersatu, I didn't know and never thought that there is a continuation.

And just for the record, Kasih Pun Bersatu is by far, the thickest Malay novel I had ever read ;)

In ... dan Mimpi Pun Bersatu, it ended with the death of Tengku Khalid; Tengku Zarul became the Crown Prince of Dhiyapura; Ayrin, the Crown Princess of Dhiyapura while Sultan Iskandar and Queen Anne back together... happy ending for everyone.

In Kasih Pun Bersatu embarked on the story of Tengku Zarul and Tengku Ayrin. Tengku Zarul knows that Ayrin loves him but because they are cousins, Zarul told Ayrin that relationship between them couldn't go any further.

Ayrin is heartbroken and started to open her heart to Tengku Zaffran, a member of al-Mansur, al-Muttaqi's enemy. After high school, Ayrin went to Princeton while Zarul and Zaffran went to Cambridge. Zarul was not happy with Ayrin-Zaffran relationship while Sultan Iskandar was worried that Zaffran was only using Ayrin to reclaim the al-Mansur empire.

Due to her duty to her country, Ayrin was forced to marry Zarul. Oh! Eventhough Ayrin used to love Zarul and still is, it ain't that easy for Zarul to convince Ayrin to marry him after what he had said to her. They got engaged and a month before their official wedding, Sultan Iskandar (Ayrin's dad) married them in secret in Paris. The reason; to secure the safety of Dhiyapura.

Few days into their honeymoon, tragedy strikes. This time in the form of DFF - Dhiyapura Freedom Fighter and of course from the al-Mansur clans.

Ayrin, Zaffran and Laira (Ayrin's companion) were 'lost' in the sea after their plane being hijacked by the DFF. Zaffran and Laira survived while Ayrin was lost in the sea and being washed up to the coast of an island (sounds familiar? yup! in ... dan Mimpi Pun Bersatu, Ayrin was also washed up to the beach of Dhiyapura). Ayrin suffered an amnesia. Zaffran and Laira tried to search for Ayrin considering that both of them are wanted in Dhiyapura. While Zarul is 'lost' and being brain washed in the hand of Ellie, another al-Mansur clan.

Between loyalty to your family and country, Zaffran and Laira were in dilemma. In order to prove their loyalty to Ayrin, they have to find Ayrin. They found her but not her, if you get what I meant. I mean, Ayrin is suffering from amnesia.

Anyway, to make this 784-page novel short, Zaffran with the help of Laira and Ayrin's followers managed to kidnap Zarul from Ellie (they are already married at that time... history does repeated itself!) and slowly, Ayrin's memories come back and so does Zarul (after being separated from Ellie's doses of drugs).

Together, Zarul and Ayrin have to join forces once again to fight the DFF. And of course, they managed to beat them, as always but what happened to Zarul-Ayrin's relationship? And how about Zarul-Ellie's relationship? Zaffran-Ayrin? Zaffran-Laira?

Haha! Sorry, if there are too many questions. Oh, I do know all the answers. I read the novel till the end and if you are wondering, no worries, it always has a happy ending ;) But you have to read it to enjoy it ;)

I gave this novel 9 out of 10 =D

To the dear author (if you are reading this), is there gonna be any continuation of this story? The 3rd generation perhaps? Iskandar and Anne - 1st generation, Zarul and Ayrin - 2nd generation, 3rd? hehe.. is that too much to ask? or how about a story on Zaffran and Laira? ;)

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Izza Aripin@Hani Ismail said...

Hi iantie,

I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for any comment on KPB. To answer your question...well there might be the third addition on this epic saga but I cannot give the exact time of publication. the manuscript is still raw, a sketch, a skeleton....haha. just wait and see. Thanks for you elaborated comment on KPB. Do add me as your Facebook friends :D. I also created LIKE page for the epic saga...hehe

iantie said...

hai izza =)

thanks for commenting on my blog.. really an honor ;)

a third novel? oh yes, please =)

can't wait! =D