My Weekend... Around the Capital ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010
On our way to Tamu Kianggeh this morning to buy some local foods and fruits, I managed to snap some pictures around the capital.

And with little persuasion to our driver (my dad..LOL!), he agreed to bring us to Bumbungan 12 (Roof 12) which is located just opposite of the Water Village.

Bumbungan 12 is one of the historical sites in Brunei. It is a house actually, used by the first British Resident back in the 1906 - MSH McArthur. Now, it is just a museum exhibits the archive of the relations between Brunei and the United Kingdom.

The view of the Water Village from Bumbungan 12

The gate leading to Bumbungan 12 was opened but somehow no one was around and I think it's close. I didn't dare to venture inside more further coz honestly the place is quiet eerie...

Below are pictures of the Water Village I managed to snap from faraway.
Dad (who likes to educate us with knowledges) promised us that he will take us a tour around the Water Village one day... yay!

And finally, the landmark of Brunei capital
The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque
(and yes, the dome is covered in pure gold)