My Weekend... Fun and Tiring ;)

Monday, July 5, 2010
What did I do for my weekends?

Saturday night, I was doing surfing and watching TV - 2 in 1. And everytime - I mean, everytime, the Germans scored, I did a lil' dance that pissed off my Bro Muiz.. Haha! He's supporting the Argentines.. So, 4 scores, 4 lil' jiggy dance ;) LOL!

I couldn't sleep after that eventho' it was after midnight already. Too excited, I guess!

Next match, Germany vs Spain, I would still go for Germany. But between Germany and the Netherlands, I'm on the crossroad but I still put my faith on the Germans!

Anyway, Sunday morning, me and all my brothers (minus Bro Adi) with my sister-in-law went for bowling! Yup, bowling time!

We managed to play 2 games in which both games, Bro Wadi winning and Bro Andy kept on losing.. haha! Me? Neutral.. haha! Not winning nor losing.

Around lunchtime, Bro Andy who was not satisfied for losing the game of bowling, decided we should go for a game of pool in which he is so 'expert' in. Our usual place was close for the day so we have to find a new crib for pool.

It's kindda funny how men would look at you, a lady entering the man's 'place'. I get that often but with 4 brothers with me, I get used to it. Furthermore, this time, my sis-in-law came together with my brother, so at least m not the only lady in that place.

We didn't stay long for the pool game. Mainly because we can't stand the smell of smoke. The men were smoking in the room and if you are non-smoker like I am, I guess you know how suffocating that is.

We managed to play 6 games with Bro Andy and me winning once, Bro Faiz and Muiz winning twice while the bowling champion, Bro Wadi, didn't win any! Haha! Well, atleast, Bro Andy was quiet happy with that result.

We came home around 3pm, had my late lunch and by the time, I finished my lunch, Dad asked me to join him and Mum going to the Nusantara Expo which was being held in the Indoor Stadium parking lot.

It was fulled! It was crowded!

I had to held on to my Mum. Either that or I would get 'lost'. Not lost as in lost from my parents but lost as in losing myself in all those products! LOL!

I tried to snap some pictures but all I got were blurry and with so many people, I gave up!

So, that was what I had been doing.

Brunei s having 2 long public holidays this month - this weekend and next week. Unfortunately, July is my 'working' month. I would be working this weekend; next week also I'm working, both would be till 11pm and on the 4th week Friday of this month, I would be having a half day workshop... *big sigh*

Told you, it's gonna be a 'working' month for me. Almost every week I'm working. Oh well! That's life!

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

i guess you just need to fit in the fun things inbetween work. i was prepared for a roadtrip today but my friend cancelled :(
o well now i will work too, or maybe go to the beach.....
viva deutschland!!!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

what kind of product was at the expo?

iantie said...

going to the beach sounds nice but i heard the weather is that hot at the moment over there. is it true? just make sure u put on a lot of sunblock ;)

at the expo, products from Malaysia and Indonesia are being sold; herbal medicines and products, furniture, clothes and all kind of stuffs.. made me dizzy looking at all of them.. hehe

Pooch Morning Glory said...

ah, very nice. i have a friend who owns a shop here. she goes to indonesia for a few months every year to buy and sells it in her shop.

and, yes it is that hot here right now. likely will break today because a thunderstorm is coming later today.
then temps will go down a bit