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Sunday, July 18, 2010

.... Siti Rosmizah's Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu.

So far, this novel has 2 record breaking record (for me anyway):

1.This would be another thick novel I had read (after Kasih Pun Bersatu) and by far, this is the thickest Malay novel currently I'm having.

2. This is the one and only novel that makes me cry after just reading the first 10 pages!!! Seriously! I'm not kidding you.

I was just getting comfortable laying on my bed, getting start to read and without realising it, I cried on page no 7! And I was saying to myself, how the heck am gonna read the rest of the 803 pages of the novel? Am I gonna cry all the way till the end?

Oh... well, let's just say that currently I'm on page 388 and so far, I cried few times. I will write the review once I finish reading this novel but I gotta say, if you thinking of buying it, buy it! Don't wait for my review.

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