Thursday, July 15, 2010
Dreams - it's like a common nature associated with sleep.

Some people take it seriously, some people don't saying that dreams are just playful visions during sleeping (mainan tidur).

Personally, I don't take dreams too seriously but sometimes I just couldn't help it. It's like a deja' vu. 1 night I dreamt about something, I forgot about it the next morning and few weeks after that, I experienced something and said to myself, "Hey, I had been here and done this before." Weird? I know and I believe I'm not the only one experiencing this things.

For the past few weeks, I had been experiencing scary and weird dreams. Last week alone, every night I dreamt about death. Told you it's scary!

Am I afraid of dying? Not really. I mean, I'm not ready to die just yet but the thoughts don't scare me as it should be.

What trigger my dreams? I definitly have no idea. In our culture, if you having bad dreams, do not tell a soul about it but I'm not that supersticious, so here I am bearing my bad dreams to the whole world.. haha.

My weird dream? Hmmm.. I think I'm just gonna let that 1 go. Coz for this dream, I think it was just a playful vision of my sleep.. haha *in denial* Whatever my dream might be, it was just too weird...

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