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Friday, May 30, 2008
To get my mind out of all these worldy problem, I'm starting my TV/movie marathon again! It's been quiet a while I didn't watch any TV series or DVDs so yesterday night, I started my marathon!

I started by watching a movie, P.S I Love You! It's really a heart-moving movie and I fancy Gerard Butler, so any movie, he's in, I'm watching it! Hehe! But, yea, this movie is a must watch for a helpless romantic as I am!
Then I'm off with my Bones! I'm getting impatient with this 2 partners - Booth and Bones! I just wish they were more than just work partner coz like Scully and Mulder, they have that chemistry *snap*snap*...Oh! Speaking of Mulder and Scully, I can't wait for The X-Files 2!

Today, I started off with Grey's Anatomy and honestly I'm frustrated with Derek and Meredith! Well, they broke off and Derek is seeing/dating/sleeping with this OR nurse, Rose and Meredith is sooooo stressed about it that she is seeking counselling! But, nevermind, I read it on the net that Rose will be 'off' soon and rumor has it that Derek and Meredith will be back toghether...atta boy!!! Hehe!

Another of my favourite - CSI Las Vegas! I'm not done yet with the currently 4 episodes but I'm thinking of finshing it tonight! Then there will be the Gossip Girl (haha! I'm so addicted to high society people nowdays!).

Hmmm..afterthat, I'm done while waiting for the next episodes for all the TV series that I like but no worries, I will find something to watch and amuse me!

Oh! and there are so many interesting new movies coming up soon in the big screens! You bet that I'm waiting for the Kung Fu Panda, Made of Honor ('coz Patrick Dempsey is in it and he's sizzling HOT!), The Ruins, The Mummy 3, Journey to the Center of the Earth....hmmmm...what else? I think I will be broke for the next couple of month from watching movies...hehehe...well, anything to keep me happy!



It's either I'm in a big shitty problem or it's my PMS-thingy talking! But I'm so.........honestly, I don't know how to explain it. Okay, I'm so confused at the moment....about my relationship, that is. Is it me? I mean, I haven't been in a relationship in quiet a while - well, make that for quiet some time - and now that suddenly I found myself in a relationship and somehow I think I can't cope with it! Or maybe I just lost my 'touch' in relationship or maybe it's kindda in a rush and I'm not plain ready yet! Which 1??? I'm soooo damned confused.

Today, I met him and we watched a movie together - Indiana Jones 4; cool movie! I don't know what happened but somehow I just couldn't control myself or today, he just decided to be so damned irritating! Yup! I was so irritated with him but luckily I can control my mouth (surprise!surprise!). Instead of saying what I wanted to say, I just kept quiet and didn't say anything. He noticed it and tried not to be so irritating but still...it irritates me! I just recovered from my flu and everything and today, he said that my hands are warm and kept on asking whether I'm having my fever again. I kept on telling him that I'm okay but that doesn't stop him from asking me the same question for like.....100 times!!!! No kidding! Maybe male species called it, CARING but for female species or rather only for me, it's IRRITATING!

I don't know! Honestly, now I'm having my doubt about this relationship. I think I'm not ready to commit yet. What? Iantie! You are 26 years old and you said that you are not ready to commit? Get real! Entah lah...1 thing about me, I get bored easily! and I have to say that now, I'm getting bored already! Crazy! Stupid! Call it anything you want but I am who I am and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I'm not a hipocrits! I think we are going too fast but how can I say 18 years passed us by and it's fast??

It's not my intention to break the male hearts. Hahaha! Yikes!That's sounds sooo funny! This year alone, I broke 4 hearts and they are not even my boyfriends! This one, I have a feeling, it's gonna be difficult! And I have no intention to break another heart. Maybe it's just my PMS-thingy talking and hofefully next week, I will be fine...I think!

I need time to think this relationship through. If you ask me again, what do I look in a man, honestly, my answer is still the same as my previous post, I don't know! Although some of my friends and colleagues think that this guy might be the perfect guy for me - an old friend, an economist, an overseas graduate, a genius, a responsible person (religiously) and you must be saying, what the heck wrong with him then? What more do I want? Hah!


"It's best to wait for the one you want
than settle for one's that's available.
Best to wait for the one you love
than one who is around.
Best to wait for the right one
because life is too short to waste on just anyone."


Let's see what's on my updates! Me and my bestie went out last Wednesday to lunch at Red Canopy cafe. It's located in Batu Bersurat and it's quiet a nice place...reasonable and the food also nice and some looks devilishy delicious....

Yesterday, I met an old classmate of mine, Norhamas. She is my ex-classmate while we were in Form 4 and Form 5. She went to 6th Form Center and UBD while I went to Technical College and work...I started to work while she was in her 2nd year in the uni. If she didn't 'tagur' me, I wouldn't know it's her - well, not that she had changed..it's just entah laaa...tau-tau tah aku ani, jarang kan menaguri orang. Good to know that now she is married with 2 boys, teaching Maths in STPRI and stayed few minutes drive from where I work...hehe

I'm considering myself on holiday already...hehe. It's Armed Forces day tomorrow hence long weekend for us in Brunei and I'm starting my official leave this Monday for 4 days only but the downside of it that I have to come back to work on Wednesday afternoon; not for official work but to prepare our KKC presentation infront of the Minister this coming 11th or 12th June!! Yikes! Cuti macam nda cuti....

Went to watch Apa Kata Hati late last night with my 2 bodyguards. It's been a while I didn't watch any movie in The Mall but last night I went there 'coz Apa Kata Hati isn't showing in Empire and Qlap Cineplex! Came home around 1.30AM and I'm beat!!

This morning, helped my dad to buy things for his trip. He's going this 3rd June for about 1 month. I think I will send my dad to the airport and starting next week, I will be super extra buzy! Coz being the second eldest, I'm it! The responsibility will be on my shoulder during my dad absence.

I have a wedding and what-follows-after-the-wedding functions to attend this weekend. It's a daughter of my dad's 'indung pertuan'. Don't ask me to translate or explain what that means coz I have no idea!


What happened to people nowdays

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
I think the world is coming to an end - or something like that la....hehe! In my line of work, I see all walks of life everyday, of course none of them are good...well, I can say that some are good but mostly it's bad (if any of you understand what I'm trying to say here, I salute you...hahaha).

Okay, lets get serious! Apart from the news (either from the TV, radio, papers and the internet), have you truly experienced meet a very young teenager who got pregnant? What's the age of the youngest teenage pregnancy you guys came across? 18 years old nowdays is normal, so is 17 years old. 16 years old is also normal but kindda rare but how about 11-12 years old?? Yea...I'm serious nie!!

The child is around 12 years old and the husband is late 30-ies - early 40-ies....Yup! I'm not kidding! How I came across this girl? Well, after she gave birth, the doctor started her on Depo injection (Depo is a short term we use for Medroxyprogesterone inj. It is injected into the buttocks once in every 3 months. It's an effective contraceptive but the most common side effect is weight gain....hehehe..little info for you guys out there!). Can you really imagine at 12 years old, she gave birth. It's like she is taking care of a baby brother instead of a son and the husband is like taking care of a daughter instead of a wife.....ok! Let my imagination stops there...anything beyond that gave me some wildest imagination (ahakz!).

Last Sunday, me and my bestie went out for lunch at Twelv Cafe in Kiulap and we were the only diner. An hour after that, we saw this one car kept on driving around, going round and round before finally the car stopped few meters away from the cafe. Funny thing, the driver (a man) didn't came out. Instead the passanger (a woman) came out of the car and entered the cafe. And you know what the woman did. She looked around the cafe and her eyes fixed on us for like 3 minutes before she sat down, took out her handphone and start texting. Me and my bestie looked at each other and I said to her (my bestie), "What's that lady punya problem? Liat orang macam tah tani buat dosa arahnya".

Soon after she finished texting, the man from the car came out of the car and entered the cafe.....rupa-rupanya...................

......something smells scandalous!!!


Well, what do you expect if encounter this experience? Would you just say that they are a normal couple who are too shy to lunch out with other people....I DON'T THINK SO!!! The guy is around mid-40ies and the lady is around late 30ies. And the way the sit, Ya Rabbi....as my bestie said, "Mengalahkan anak muda" (not that we are THAT old!) hehe..even me and my ehem ehem didn't sit like that...hmmmm....The guy's car?? Hmmm..better don't tell..it's a Toyota Camry but I'm not gonna give away the colour and the plate number.....



....was the last time I bought a new handbag?
Last January at Vincci

....was the last time I bought a new pair of shoes?
Last January at Vincci together with the handbag

....was the last time I bought a new pair of sandles?
Sumwhere late January - early March at Kim Pretty

....was the last time I bought kain for work?
Ages ago...I think or was it in February in Shim-Co. My mum treat me to that one..hehe. Love my mum!

....was the last time I watched a movie?
Last Thursday in Empire with my ehem ehem watching Prince Caspian where I met HRH Princess Sarah (she was having function next door) and HRH Prince Malik (he was about to watch a movie when we came out)...feeewwwhhh!

....was the last time I make a baju kurung / baju fesyen for work?
Last March

....was the last time I went out with my bestie?
Last Sunday; we had lunch at Twelv and raid all the DVD shops...well, not all la...hehe

....was the last time I bought an English novel?
Last June 2007 at Borders in Berjaya Time Square, KL. I bought more than 10 novels, I think and I haven't finish it all so no reason for me to buy more, right?

....was the last time I bought a Malay novel?
End of April at Choice Book in Berakas. I bought all the 3 novels of Alaf 21 - Warna Hati by Meen Zulaika, Ternyata Cinta by Damya Hanna and Selagi Ada Dia by Aisya Sofea.

....was the last time I read a book?
Last Saturday night - Selagi Ada Dia by Aisya Sofea.

....was the last time I bought a DVD?
Last Sunday; bought Bones, CSI, Grey's Anatomy

....was the last time I cut my hair?
hmmm....few weeks ago.

....was the last time I bought a perfume?
Last June 2007 at KLIA dutyfree - bought DKNY (red and green), Chanel Allure and iaNTi at Berjaya Time Square.

Moral of the post:
I need to pamper myself....hehehe!

Geeez!!! Another May Birthday Celebrant!

How could I? How could I? I mean, I forgot another May birthday celebrant and this person is also very very close to me....it's MY OWN NIECE!!!! Now, everyone will think what a lousy aunt I am...which I'm not. Infact, I'm the super cool, sporting, fun and young (whahaha!) aunt.

Batrisya Adawiyah....Happy birthday darling. You are 5 years old now....hhheeeehhhh...see how the time pass you by. Just 5 years ago, I can fit you in my travel bag and bring you to Singapore with me and now, you can't fit into my travel bag no more.....(anyone of you think that is a serious statement, then I think you are out of your mind) haha! and yes, it's not true and no, I'm not that lousy aunt which will stuff my own niece in a bag and bring her overseas...hehe!

Drivers with their attitude and their cars!

Okay! I'm having my rage again about some drivers' attitude here in Brunei road. It's the basic rule of the road that if it's a two lanes, the slower vehicles will use the left lane and right lane is for the faster, zoomer vehicles, right? Correct me if I'm wrong (which I'm not! hehe). And when you want to overtake, whether it's a two lanes or single lane, you will overtake to the right side, not the left side, am I right?

"Keep to the left when not overtaking" - as a road sign always indicates.

So, this morning, I was zooming away, on my way to Telisai and somewhere along the Tutong highway, there is this silver Merc M-Class on the right lane and he is pacing around 60-80km/hr. I slowed down coz there is no way he can squeeze to the left lane with all the army trucks (as what I thought initially) so I tailed him for like 1KM and when the left lane is free of vehicle and he still didn't budge, that's when it hit me that this snob driver had no intention to move his big, fat, silver ass to the left lane; so I overtook him from the left lane. Don't get me wrong but Merc M-class is one of my many dream cars but come on lah, road rule is a road rule....what more you want me to say?

You know, this is not unusual in Brunei. I don't know, maybe Bruneians are so 'rich' that almost everyone can afford expensive cars and when they do get their hands on expensive cars, they tend to show off or just plain snob with what they have. With my fair share of the road and all, I have seen these type (who thinks their cars are the kings of the road and won't move when they are suppose to).

Am I saying Bruneians are insensitive? Nda jua... Inconsiderate? Hmm...nda jua... Selfish more like it... And yea, I'm a Bruneian so maybe also once in awhile, I'm also selfish but as I said, ONCE IN A WHILE, not always. I know when I'm on the right lane and when I am suppose to move to the left lane coz as everyone else (I presume) learnt the road rules....

Another thing, why you want to buy an expensive, faster car when you are driving like a turtle? Coz you love your car to speed? If that's the answer, then better frame your car in your garage and don't let it run.... For comfort? Yeah, well that's more reasonable but if your are driving 60-80km/hr in a right lane of a long highway, you are mostly irritating....

What's your average speed in a highway? Me? Minimum of 100km/hr and maximum of 160km/hr....yea, speed kills, I know that.

A wise guy once said, "It's better late to arrive than not to arrive at all"

And my word, please people, the road is not yours only to use....be aware of other road users....


May Brithday Celebrants!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
If birthday presents are compulsary for everyone, then I think I will be broke before the next salary...hehe..mainly bcoz, I got lots special birthday celebrants for this May....

First and foremost, 13th May is the birthday of my oldest ever, bestest ever and the one that I love most in this world - it's my mum's 49th birthday....and I'm happy because she's happy....

Next, let me recap my ugama (religious) school days. There are 5 of us - close and consider bestfriends - me, Hjh Maziah, Dayah, Feedah and Nastalina...and 3 of them celebrated their borthdays this May and no, I'm not one of them....ahakz!

Dayah's birthday is either on the 8th May or the 10th May and Feedah's birthday is either on the 8th May or the 10th May....honestly, I couldn't remember which is which....I'm still in touch with Dayah but not Feedah. I don't know what went wrong with our friendship. Maybe we just growup, I think. I tried to mend things with her few years back, but she somehow reluctant to do so....anyway, I was not invited to her wedding so I guess, there is 'something' wrong with us....

Hjh Maziah's birthday is the same with my mum's - 13th May....May she happy always and dapat anak very very soon....

And one my my bestest friends while I was in college, Rozmeharyati's birthday is this 31st May...Man! Our college years, I have to say, was the best....

Updates Overdue!!

It had been a while I didn't update my blog...well, tell the truth, it had been a while I didn't open my laptop, sampai behabuk-habuk dah..hehe! There were many things happening that somehow I just got buzy to update my blog or to open my laptop.

Earlier this month, for the 1st time ever since October 2004, I took an MC. I got conjunctivitis....yikes! Not a good feeling, I tell you. Everyone treated me like I am an invalid; cannot do anything...just lie back and relax, cannot jalan-jalan...so boring man! And just last weekend, I fell sick again, high fever, headaches and all those associate with damam...Now, I'm feeling a bit better, just my throat itchy and painful sja....

With my immune system low this month and with the addational workload, I can't wait for my next leave - which is coming soon but it's only for 4 days...but nevermind! As long as I don't think about work for that 4 days. But...apa nie, so many butsss....hehehe. Anyway, I don't think I can relax during my leave coz my dad eventually will leave for KL-Kelantan this 3rd June and he is expected to be there for 1 month, so as the 2nd eldest, I'm expected to burden almost all of the responsibilities during my dad's absence as my eldest brother is not living with us....hmmm....I have to run here and there to pay bills, buy electric top up and bla bla bla during my leave...

Workwise....with my hectic social life (ehem ehem), I managed to submit 2 of my pending reports and both had been approved by my boss(es)! Next would be my inspection report....which is not as easy as I thought it would be. Entah lah...I mean, I sure can do it, right? I mean this is not the first time I'm doing it...so, hopefully before this month is out and before my leave, I can manage to finish and submit the report. Apart from that, our KKC project somehow had managed to get the attention of our minister and somehow he wanted us to present to him - unofficially - our project somewhere this 11th/12th June! Yikessss!!! That is like less than 3 weeks away and we are not ready to present anything yet! Nowdays, I always came home late just to attend after office meetings....so tiring man!

What else? Okay, work activities....We have a cleaning campaign this Friday and next week, during the long weekend, we will be having a fishing activity! Geeezzz! No wonder all the pharmacy staffs are so stress with so many activities and all....I'm tired! Mentally and physically!!

Social life?? Hmmm..getting better. I'm in a relationship at the moment which surprises almost EVERYONE!!! Hahaha! What?! What so suprising in that?! I mean, all of them know I had few hoping male friends and it is not surprising for me to choose one of them, right? Anyway, yeah...so I'm in a relationship and we'll see how that goes. One of my colleague was asking how my boyfriend (hehe!) can tahan(stand) to be with me when he, who is working everyday with me couldn't stand me? Hey! I'm a good person, it's just that as a lady and a bit of perfectionist, I tend to be fussy and nag...haha! Well, he (my colleague) is not my bf, so of course la he couldn't tahan....hahaha!

What else? Oh yeah! I watched Iron Man twice! in the cinema and Speed Racer. The Chronical of Narnia: Prince Caspian, I haven't manage to watch it yet with my damam and all....and my new Astro card alum ada.....hmmm..better go to Limbang this Friday and check again with the company....



Wednesday, May 14, 2008
I will update when I'm not so buzy...hehehe