Friday, April 25, 2008
The question is, when I'm gonna have a free weekend?! I can't see any free weekend in the near future!

I think I am overwork already! and I can't blame it entirely it on work..hehe! My social life is picking up...ehem ehem! Quiet busy in that department too! hehe!

It's Friday today and I'm beat! Tired! Exhausted! Drop dead ngalih! Last week, my days were full and this week, I think its the same. Last Wednesday, we had a CE in Ripas but I didn't attend. Reason - plain LAZY! haha! Yesterday afterwork, I had to stay back and attended a meeting and only manage to go at 6PM. From office, I went straight to Kiulap where the rest of the family gather to celebrate my Bro Andy's 22nd birthday! I finally came home around 7.30PM.

A 'friend' messaged me to bring me out and watch the Forbidden Kingdom, so I only managed to change and freshen a bit before went out again.

The movie - it's quiet nice! When you put both Jackie Chan and Jet Li in a movie, it's quiet....nice, I guess! Wish Bruce Lee is still around but...hmmmm...I came home around 10.30PM.

This morning, me and 2 of my colleagues had a 'project' for our place, so we decided to do it this morning. But first, I had to rush to the bank to settle my brother's car that is under my name then I went to the office. I stayed for 2 hours and had to go home coz my dad is the one picking me up.
This afternoon, me and my family decided to have a hi-tea in Season's and yup! now, I'm full! Nda lagi dapt kemana-mana! So drop dead full! and with the weather, it's soooo good to sleep...

But urrggghhh..I can't stop thinking about tomorrow! Why? Coz tomorrow, I have to stay back (AGAIN!) to attend another meeting! Wah! Boring eh! It's a weekend and we are having a meeting! So stressfulllllll!!! I haven't do or compose my inspection report yet and with my room's air con not working, I don't feel like doing anything but to sleep....but I also can't sleep well with this hot environment...I'm sweating already as I typed! hehehe


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