Once Bitten, Twice.....?

Friday, April 4, 2008
You know what I did this morning? I testdrive the new Ford Mondeo...*yippie* It's not officially launch yet but I just couldn't help myself. I know the new Ford Mondeo is super rugged coz I seen it in Singapore once while they were having their launching and exhibition. So when last week, a friend of mine who also owns a Ford Mondeo told me that the new Mondeo has arrived in Brunei, I asked him when it's gonna be launched. He told me 'sumwer early April'.

So today, I went there and asked. It probably will launch next Friday and the salesman, Ah Hing, is so kind enough to let me testdrive the Mondeo. Yea! It is super super cool and it comes with 3 types - the high specs, the low specs and the X edition. The high spec costs around $44K with 18-inch sports rim, blue-tinted glasses, chrome window panels and lights beneath the side mirrors while the low specs is around $40K with 16-inch tyre and without the blue-tinted glasses, chrome window and the lights. But I have to say, the high specs Mondeo blew my mind off!

It's the combinations of Audi on the front, the lights like Lexus and Lexus by the sides and the rear, couldn't be that sure. But the interior, phhheewwww, super cool. The high specs uses digital montior which as Ah Hing mentioned, so far only used by the Lexus.

So far, 2 person already booked for the high specs Mondeo while 'some' booked for the low specs. I asked him whether can trade-in my 2002 Mondeo and he said, "Can.." but their mechanics got to have a look first. Hmmm....so now the question is....to buy or not to buy??? To trade in or not to trade in??? Honestly, I'm not thinking of buying another Mondeo coz with my present experience with my Mondeo, it's really a high maintenance European car - well apart from all those BMWs, Mercs, Rovers, Porsche bla bla bla....

To find out more click http://www.ford.co.uk/

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