Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Well, nobody says that internet is all good and nobody says either that it's all that bad! But anyone of you had seen the latest movie in the cinema - Untraceable! Well, the simplest that I can say about this movie is that - web kills!

So, I managed to squeeze my Sunday to watch movie w MM (ehem ehem)..hehe! Untraceable is a story about a bunch of FBI agents who traces crime thru' the internet (ooo..ooo) and 1 night (yup! they work at night, well, initially..), they received a link www.killwithme.com (haha! don't bother to try it! Well, I didn't!). It shows the killing of a cat. Now! What I don't understand, why cats?? I LOVEEE cats! Then the real thing started! It started to kill human. The more people log into the website, the faster it kills the person.

I have to say, this movie is super duper hi-tech! I mean, WOW! The way the killer murder his victims is so cruel and suffering. Working in a medical-laboratory field, somehow I know what the victims suffering! The part that really got into me is when one of the victims is burn to death! That - you must watch! hehe!

Dunno what the heck m talking about? Watch it!

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