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Friday, April 25, 2008
It's been ages that I hadn't update my blog! Guilty! I got tonnes, tonnes and tonnes things to do and some I managed to do but most of it still pending! Urrgggghhh! I am basically mentally and physically exhausted!

Workwise; I got reports and ordering to do and with the current managment in the State Medical Store, it's making me more stress! My order I sent like 3 weeks ago, half of them came 2 weeks after that and the rest, as they said "alum bebuat"! Sekalinya bila tah kan membuat? And you know what the storekeeper told me, "ntah ah, banyak lagi nie yang pending" and I directly said to him that he cannot do that (not doing my order!). I mean, the basic procedure for preparing the stock is 2 weeks and by the 3rd week, not done yet! I told him that I need my stock. A colleague of mine also last time pissed off when her stock (which was delayed 3 weeks) was accidently being send to Temburong! Haha! Atu lagi parah! She went to the SMS and get her stock herself, the storekeeper said to her, "jgn marah ah" and she simply said, "aku nda plang marah, patients bh yang marah" haha! good answer mate!

And still in the topic of work, our department I think somehow being jinxed! I don't know but somehow we got sooooooo many complaints regarding our staffs and....well, basically everything! This year is not a good year for us!

My weekend, I enjoyed it! I was out 4 nights in the row during the weekend (hence explained my exhaustion!). Thursday night, me and my brothers went to the Kiulap Mall and watched 'Congkak'! Honestly, it's not that scary. I think 'Jangan Pandang Belakang' is even scarier! Friday morning, we had a cleaning campaign in our clinic so I had to wake up bright and early to prepare some refreshment. I stayed in the clinic till 11.30am. That night, me and a friend went out and had dinner in one of the north indian restaurants and from there, I don't like the chicken tikka...it's not nice! Saturday night, we went out again and guess where we go? You know how Gadong and Kiulap areas are the hotspot areas hence we went out to the capital. Yup! Bandar Seri Begawan.....and it's even more lonely than KB town...yup! It's so true! Or maybe because it's the middle of the month, then everyone stay in and watched AF instead! Anyway, we walked - yup! walked - around Bandar Seri Begawan and stop to rest at the Bandar Seri Begawan Memorial, just opposite the Kg Ayer. And from there, I saw live how peple 'merambat' di Sungai Brunei....yea! Seriously, I never see 'merambat' secara live so that Saturday night, I discover another tradition night life in Bandar Seri Begawan. Cool eh! Sunday morning, me and my brother went to 'mengatam' padi organised by my department. I'm not very keen on 'mengatam' padi considering that I did that once, in Temburong and I didn't enjoy it. But my brother, being a city teenager, said that he wanted to try, hence we were out and about around 6.45am to Lamunin. The weather is not that hot but the air is kindda hot. We finished around 10am. Once I arrived at home, take a rest then took my shower. That afternoon, I sent my brother to the Mall and of course la, traffic jam. Sunday night, me and a friend went to out Jerudong Park and what can I say about JP? It's not what it used to be ages ago!

But the musical fountain was on that night and it's still nice to see...

Buzy weekend huh! I haven't watch the Forbidden Kingdom yet so I'm planning to go this week....hmmmm...we'll see!

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