Buzy Weekend

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
How did I spent my weekend?! Buzy...hectic...non-stop dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Hehe...

My initial plan was to stay at home and ironed all my clothes coz it had been ages I didn't do any ironing. Luckily, I got so many baju kurung (dan sewaktu dengannya) for me to wear to work. Besides, I'm working this Friday so I'm thinking, that weekend is the perfect time for me to get rest.
But....early morning, my mum woke me up saying that my dad 'bawa bejalan'. Sure, my dad can drive himself but somehow I think he got the habit to bring 3 of his children along wherever he wanted to go during the weekend. I asked him where he wanted to go and my mum said that she needs to buy groceries item while my dad wanted to look for shoes and jackets - he's going to KL soon, sometimes next week, I think or is it this week?! Hmm...

Anyway, we took off from home around 8.30am and went straight to Food Zone, Gadong Properties coz I'm craving to eat the dim sum! We stayed there till 10am and from there we went to Milimewah in Lambak coz my mum loves to shop her groceries there. From Milimewah, we went to Pertama Jaya and went to Jaya Hypermart and went to Giant!!! Haha! Told you it's a busy weekend for me.

In Giant, after all those jalan-jalan, I got hungry again and started to que up for the KFC. Man! Long que eh! My stomach grumbling and somehow the staffs of the KFC are quiet inefficient! Soooo..lambat! While queing up, I met Fatmah. This is the first time I saw her since 2004! She is a Bruneian fellow who happened to be attached with me while I was doing my inservice in National University Hospital, NUH, Singapore. She came to Singapore somewhere in May/June while me and the rest of my colleagues were scheduled to go home to Brunei in September. I asked her hows life there after we left and she said, it's lonely and quiet stressful! Yea! I know hows that feel. I mean it's quiet hard to mingle along with the competitive Singaporeans. But not all of them la...I mean, eventhough now that we are miles apart, I still keep in touch with most of my Singaporean friends.

After queing up for almost 20 minutes - yup! freaking 20 minutes - we went home. I told my dad that I'm so dead hungry already. By the time we came home, it's almost 2.30pm! An old old old ex-classmate messaged me whether I'm up for a dinner! Hmmm....I'm kindda tired and needly bad an afternoon nap, so I told him karang tah ku menconfirmkan.

Refreshed from my afternoon siesta, I messaged c Lias that I'm up for that dinner. Besides, it's been quiet a while I didn't see him. Our last meeting was when I just came back from Singapore and he just came back from UK, that was in 2004! Wah! Banyak yang 2004 came back into my life recently..hehe! But I had known c Lias seem like ages! Seriuosly! I mean, I even know him longer than I know my own bestie. And believe it or not, I had known c Lias for 18 years! Wow! That's long...don't you think so?! So I met c Lias for dinner and I came home only around 9.30pm!

Fewwhhh...what an exhausting weekend!

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