Weather - Wednesday 02nd April 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008
In some conversations, when you are mingling with someone of high social status and you don't know what to talk about, most people would talk about the weather! Funny right? But that's the truth.
Today, I'm gonna talk about the weather. It's not that I got nothing to talk about but somehow I can't help myself but to write about the weather.

How many of us looked up to the sky today and say Allahhu Akbar? Just menikmati keindahan yang Allah berikan kepada umatNya. Honestly, I do always look up to the sky - to see what the day would be like; shiny and hot or raining and wet. But this morning, from the moment I left my home till the moment I arrived in my office garage, I couldn't help but to look up at the sky and I said to myself, "what a very nice day today..."

Indeed, it's a nice day today. Okay, apart from the bright sunlight in the morning which made my eyes hurt. But that's it! Everthough the sun is shining very brightly this morning and hurts my eyes, still the day is beautiful! I'm an outdoor person and I love outdoor very much and sometimes I just wish that I work outdoor rather than being coped indoor with all the air conditioning! Yea! I know I'm weird! Many people would like to trade places with me but that's the thing, I'm not too good with indoor. I will get sinusitis and dry skin with all those air conditioning..weird but true!

And the day didn't dissapoint me. When I went out lunch with my bestie, I didn't complain of the weather. Oh no! The weather just fit perfectly! And it stays that way till I ready to go home. But by then the weather turned dark considering it's past 6PM! Yup! I went home around 6.15PM, had to stay for a meeting! Hmmm....work! work! work!

And mana lagi, on my way home, I stopped by to refill my fuel and on my way out, there is this Proton Satria reversed his car and I don't think he noticed I was behind him. When he didn't show any sign of braking, I have no choice but to honk my horn! Trust me, I rarely use my horn! Eeeeee...if anything happened tadi with my car, that Satria driver...hmmmm...*malas kan ceta*

An accident happened near the T-junction traffic light in Sengkurong / Kilanas; involving 4 cars - a Kia Carens, a Nissan Skyline, a Chervolet and a Nissan Patrol. It's a collision-on-collision accident I think. Dunno whose fault but I pity the Chervolet coz that car is badly damaged both front and rear - totally smashed! But Alhamdulilah, no casualties that I can see. The jam was not that bad as everyone is being considerate and move their cars rather than being a kepoh and stop. Being kepoh is okay when an accident happened IF you intend to help but if you just want to busybody, better not laaa...let the journalists do that. It's their job, btw!

Anyway, we had our inspection today! Urrrggghhh, that's what I was hinting in my last entry! Inspection is something you want to avoid if you are working in my environment 'coz the inspectors are ALWAYS looking for faults!! They never look at the things you had improved! No!!! They always look for something that you cannot answer! At least, their report would be longer and our report to them will be thrice longer!

Hmmm...so now inspection over, I will be relax for a couple of weeks before I will be start buzy again....doing what? REPORTS!!!

Btw, did I ever mention that I HATE doing reports? That's one of the reasons why I don't want to work in the office!!! Hahaha!!!

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