The Pros and Cons of the AE Duty

Monday, May 23, 2011
I just completed another week of my AE (Accident and Emergency) duty.
How do I feel? Oh! Too damned tired! 7 nights non-stop working!

Here's MY pros and cons of the duty.
(Bear in mind, it's just my opinion)

Let's start with the cons:
1. Duty starts at 5pm
By the time everyone is ready to go off from work, I'm getting ready to go to work.
2. Gosh! The weather!!
5 afternoons out of 7 was super hot!
3. Working ALONE!
... for freaking 7 hours (with 30 mins prayer break, super fast dinner break and toilet break).
4. For someone as chatty as I am, I get bored easily with no colleague to talk to.
5. Working alone means you have to do everything yourself and that includes more patience-tolerance (cos there is no one to back you up if you lose your temper).
6. Why do hospital parking lots are so dark, dull and eerie? Furthermore, why do they place the morgue near the parking lot? Getting off at 12 midnight and walking alone to the parking lot makes my imagination running way way way too wild!
7. Disturbed sleeping pattern.
By the time I came home, it's around 12.20am! I had my super late dinner, I had my prayers and with these and that, I slept around 2am!
8. By the time I came home, everyone's asleep... hence dinner alone, all by myself... so boring!

And the pros:
1. I can woke up late! The latest I woke up was 11am! LOL!
2. Less traffic! Cos I'm going opposite direction - everyone going home, I'm going to work.
3. I can get parking easily.
4. By the time I leave the hospital, the roads are super empty and super quiet and it only take me 12 minutes to arrive home.
5. I got 2 days off! Yea!!!

But then as you can see, there are more of the cons than the pros! LOL! So you can summarized whether I like my duty or not!

But I shall be grateful that the duty is only till 12 midnight rather than some ungodly hours! Working alone makes me appreciate more of my colleagues. Don't get me wrong. I am more than capable of working alone but you can't deny that the presence of colleagues would ease up the burden a bit.

And yes, these are the times I wish I have a bf /husband that I could order around to send and fetch me from work. LOL! I mean, which bf/husband would let the gf/wife drive home alone especially after midnights? Right? LOL!

Ah... these allergies!!!

Believe me when I say this,
One of these days, my allergies would eventually KILL me!

It seems to get worst these days.
I just recovered from a 2-week flu (fever, headaches, sore and itchy throats, coughs... you know the stuffs) a week ago and now, I'm down with it again MINUS the fever and the headaches.
I suspects it must be trigger from my sinus problems that leads to my throat.

You might be wondering why it took me 2 weeks to recover from my flu. No worries, I didn't have any major complications. It's just that I didn't take any medications.
Yup! I get tired of seeing, inhaling all these chemicals, day in and day out that I just didn't take any meds for my flu; not even a single antibiotics.

Now, thinking that my antibodies are lot more stronger (cos of no antibiotics intake), I thought that I wouldn't have any flu.... so soon!
Turn out, I'm wrong!

Oh well, as long as I can still cope without meds,
I think I would be doing just fine.
Don't you think?

My Weekend... Let's hit the beach!!! Part 2

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
... and the photos continue...

-look what I found on rock island - a boiled (dead) crab...
and just to clarify to others, the crab was already dead when we reach there... -

-on the way to venture to the other side of the beach, first we have to cross this 'river'-

-the other beach-

-checking the best place to cross-

-the river that leads to the sea-

-the calm, cool beach-

-the vast sea ahead-

I had a great weekend!
Okay, I was wet, sweaty, totally sunburn and my feet hurts by the end of the day
but I had so much fun that I couldn't care less!

Hope you guys also had a great weekend!

My Weekend... Let's hit the beach!! Part 1

We had our mini family picnic last Sunday at Tungku Beach
and gosh! don't I just love the beach!!!

The weather was hot but the wind was super nice
hence I don't complain much going down to the beach, play with the sea water,
climb all those rocks, venture a bit further to the farthest side of the beach (with no footwear); and forgetting to put on sunblocks!!!

Yup! Now, I'm a bit darker than usual... LOL!

- nice sunny weather with calm water-

-cloudy all of sudden... but luckily it didn't rain (yet!)-

-the rock man-made island... to 'slow down' the waves-

-the brothers... on our way to the rock island-

-on top of the rock island - the view of the shore and you can see where the 2 waves meet-

-overlooking the South China Sea-

More photos in the next post...

Faces of Kg Ayer....

Monday, May 9, 2011
.... from across the main land (that is) during sunset.
I know, I'm biased!
I took only few pictures.
I was so full to move my lovely ass up and took pictures from some other angels (LOL!)
but I guess this would do.

I love it, don't you?


With much love....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

... Happy Mother's Day Mummy!!!!!!!
Love you loads and loads and loads!!!

To my sister-in-law, all my aunts, my cousins, my friends, my readers, my bloggers who are a mother to someone - or about to become a mother *wink*wink* to my bestie - I would love to wish you all
--Happy Mother's Day--

Without you (mothers), we won't be here!

Seria Friday Market

Yesterday, Dad had an errand to do and had to travel to Seria.
Rarely go to Seria, I tagged along, together with my Mum and brother, Faiz.

Seria is a town located in the Kuala Belait district.
For my readers out there (who are not from Brunei) Kuala Belait (KB for short) is what we call the 'oil and gas town'.
Cos Brunei's major export product (and most people say "what makes Brunei rich"), the oil and the gas comes from the KB district and majority along the KB coastline.
We do have few along the Brunei-Muara district but the main ones would be in KB.

Anyhow, we traveled around 61km (37 miles) one way from our place in Kilanas to Seria (you can guess the distance from the map above) and once we arrived in Seria, Mum and Dad wouldn't miss to stop by the Seria Market.

And it was totally worth it!
Cos my favorite local fruits were available and it's cheap too (compared to the ones they sell in Bandar).

--asam kelumbi--
my favorite among all
but of course I have to eat them covered with belacan

--above and below: some of the scenery. It was not as crowded as Tamu Kianggeh and it made 'fruit shopping' easier--

another favorite!
well, let's just say that anything fruits that are sour are my favorites =D


--dad's favorite fruit: pineapples--

--uh! mangoes! and lots of mangoes!--

The day yesterday was hot and dry.
Is it the weather or is it the place?
I blame it on the weather tho' but apart from the weather,
I should go to Seria (and KB) more often.

2 weekends ago...

Thursday, May 5, 2011
... it was 24th April 2011
and I had the fullest Sunday ever!

I woke up before the break of dawn, 4.30am to be exact,
switched on the heater, took my shower, got dress and around 5.30am hit the road to the capital.

No, I didn't woke up THAT early just to take pictures of the mosque, the symbol of our country; but I woke up THAT early to attend a walkaton (a MUST!) for a MoH's citizen!

Sorry for the backlight but I couldn't fix it.
It was 6am and as the program had it, everyone had to be there by 6am but as you can see, it was next to empty - still!

Time: 7am!
Waiting for HRH Prince Malik to arrive
and a colleague (in pink and black shirt) tagged alone in this picture =)

My 2 hot bosses.
Few minutes before, me and PG (in blue shirt) was having a morning conversation.
PG: Hey, who are those hot chicks? Are there our staffs? (pointing to some support staffs from different hospitals).
Me: Yea, they are from RIPAS
PG: Geezz, they are hot!
Me: (patting her on the back) Don't worry PG, we are not bad either! We are looking hot too meh!
PG: Yea, totally agree with you!


Back from walkaton, had my breakfast then it off to another function; a wedding.
Luckily, it's in a hotel, so it is more comfy hence no sweating LOL!

Perfect view of the stage

the bride...

the groom...

...and then they are together!

Congrats to cousin Nisa and hubby!

After wedding, we stopped by to my aunt's place, visiting grandma and by the time I came home, it's already 4pm. Took a nap and considering the day was also Brother Andy's 25th birthday, we had an early dinner to celebrate his birthday!

~~Happy (Belated) Birthday Bro~~