My Weekend... Let's hit the beach!! Part 1

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
We had our mini family picnic last Sunday at Tungku Beach
and gosh! don't I just love the beach!!!

The weather was hot but the wind was super nice
hence I don't complain much going down to the beach, play with the sea water,
climb all those rocks, venture a bit further to the farthest side of the beach (with no footwear); and forgetting to put on sunblocks!!!

Yup! Now, I'm a bit darker than usual... LOL!

- nice sunny weather with calm water-

-cloudy all of sudden... but luckily it didn't rain (yet!)-

-the rock man-made island... to 'slow down' the waves-

-the brothers... on our way to the rock island-

-on top of the rock island - the view of the shore and you can see where the 2 waves meet-

-overlooking the South China Sea-

More photos in the next post...

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