Faces of Kg Ayer....

Monday, May 9, 2011
.... from across the main land (that is) during sunset.
I know, I'm biased!
I took only few pictures.
I was so full to move my lovely ass up and took pictures from some other angels (LOL!)
but I guess this would do.

I love it, don't you?

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=YunChanKhalid= said...

wow, so nice the pictures! you are so talented in photography field right? HEHE.

iantie said...

haha... i'm not that talented.. just getting started. besides, i'm only using my hp camera, not some fancy cameras..

but thanks. love the feedback =D

Dai Ning Li said...

So nice your photo ops!

iantie said...

thank you Ning Li =D

Pooch Purple Reign said...

nice shots! that place is beautiful
laura xx

iantie said...

laura, previously it was known as Venice of the East =D although there are many differences ;) I haven't been there personally myself cos it's mostly private homes.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

its gorgeous tho !! ive been watching the anne movies :)

iantie said...

yeay! i'm glad you love it!!! I watched it when I was a lil' teenager and still lovin' it. Classic movies are always the best ;)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

my daughter started a blog awhile back but never kept it up. she just started a new one. check it out if you have time. its on my sidebar called its a squirrels world. she just graduated teachers college
ps i just got 5 more anne cds haha. im addicted
~laura xx

Zezebel said...

Nice pictures you have there.
Hope one day, I can visit Brunei, (^.^)

iantie said...

I already followed your daughter's blog and congrats to her for her graduation =D
I know you would get addicted. It was how I felt too.. hehe
Have a lovely weekend Pooch
Love X0X0

iantie said...

Salam Zezebel,
thank you for visiting my blog. Please come to Brunei when you can. Sabah and Brunei ain't that far yet not so close ;) I would love to show you (and your hubby) around =D
Have a lovely weekend!