Seria Friday Market

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Yesterday, Dad had an errand to do and had to travel to Seria.
Rarely go to Seria, I tagged along, together with my Mum and brother, Faiz.

Seria is a town located in the Kuala Belait district.
For my readers out there (who are not from Brunei) Kuala Belait (KB for short) is what we call the 'oil and gas town'.
Cos Brunei's major export product (and most people say "what makes Brunei rich"), the oil and the gas comes from the KB district and majority along the KB coastline.
We do have few along the Brunei-Muara district but the main ones would be in KB.

Anyhow, we traveled around 61km (37 miles) one way from our place in Kilanas to Seria (you can guess the distance from the map above) and once we arrived in Seria, Mum and Dad wouldn't miss to stop by the Seria Market.

And it was totally worth it!
Cos my favorite local fruits were available and it's cheap too (compared to the ones they sell in Bandar).

--asam kelumbi--
my favorite among all
but of course I have to eat them covered with belacan

--above and below: some of the scenery. It was not as crowded as Tamu Kianggeh and it made 'fruit shopping' easier--

another favorite!
well, let's just say that anything fruits that are sour are my favorites =D


--dad's favorite fruit: pineapples--

--uh! mangoes! and lots of mangoes!--

The day yesterday was hot and dry.
Is it the weather or is it the place?
I blame it on the weather tho' but apart from the weather,
I should go to Seria (and KB) more often.

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