The Pros and Cons of the AE Duty

Monday, May 23, 2011
I just completed another week of my AE (Accident and Emergency) duty.
How do I feel? Oh! Too damned tired! 7 nights non-stop working!

Here's MY pros and cons of the duty.
(Bear in mind, it's just my opinion)

Let's start with the cons:
1. Duty starts at 5pm
By the time everyone is ready to go off from work, I'm getting ready to go to work.
2. Gosh! The weather!!
5 afternoons out of 7 was super hot!
3. Working ALONE!
... for freaking 7 hours (with 30 mins prayer break, super fast dinner break and toilet break).
4. For someone as chatty as I am, I get bored easily with no colleague to talk to.
5. Working alone means you have to do everything yourself and that includes more patience-tolerance (cos there is no one to back you up if you lose your temper).
6. Why do hospital parking lots are so dark, dull and eerie? Furthermore, why do they place the morgue near the parking lot? Getting off at 12 midnight and walking alone to the parking lot makes my imagination running way way way too wild!
7. Disturbed sleeping pattern.
By the time I came home, it's around 12.20am! I had my super late dinner, I had my prayers and with these and that, I slept around 2am!
8. By the time I came home, everyone's asleep... hence dinner alone, all by myself... so boring!

And the pros:
1. I can woke up late! The latest I woke up was 11am! LOL!
2. Less traffic! Cos I'm going opposite direction - everyone going home, I'm going to work.
3. I can get parking easily.
4. By the time I leave the hospital, the roads are super empty and super quiet and it only take me 12 minutes to arrive home.
5. I got 2 days off! Yea!!!

But then as you can see, there are more of the cons than the pros! LOL! So you can summarized whether I like my duty or not!

But I shall be grateful that the duty is only till 12 midnight rather than some ungodly hours! Working alone makes me appreciate more of my colleagues. Don't get me wrong. I am more than capable of working alone but you can't deny that the presence of colleagues would ease up the burden a bit.

And yes, these are the times I wish I have a bf /husband that I could order around to send and fetch me from work. LOL! I mean, which bf/husband would let the gf/wife drive home alone especially after midnights? Right? LOL!

2 knock knock:

Pooch Purple Reign said...

sooo curious me.... how many prayer breaks in a day? how long is each time? sorry if thats personal.
good luck with the bf thing and picking you up... well, maybe in your country. here? maybe but it would be a special guy !!
~laura xx

iantie said...

hey Laura,
we have 5 prayers in a day and each prayer could take 5-10minutes, depending on what Holy Quran verses you read =D
and as for the bf thing, yea, only a special someone willing to fetch you from work at midnight and sacrifice a bit of his sleeping time.. LOL!