My Weekend... Let's hit the beach!!! Part 2

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
... and the photos continue...

-look what I found on rock island - a boiled (dead) crab...
and just to clarify to others, the crab was already dead when we reach there... -

-on the way to venture to the other side of the beach, first we have to cross this 'river'-

-the other beach-

-checking the best place to cross-

-the river that leads to the sea-

-the calm, cool beach-

-the vast sea ahead-

I had a great weekend!
Okay, I was wet, sweaty, totally sunburn and my feet hurts by the end of the day
but I had so much fun that I couldn't care less!

Hope you guys also had a great weekend!

4 knock knock:

Pooch Purple Reign said...

i had to go back and look at part 1, somehow i missed it!
GORGEOUS beach you have !! your photos are lovely. whats on your grill ? it looks delish
~laura xx

iantie said...

yea Laura,
I love the beach... thinking about it now, I always have a thing for beach. LOL! On the grill? Oh, the unhealthy stuffs - chicken, lamb and frankfurter.. haha!
have a lovely week ahead =D

Dai Ning Li said...

Wow! Will you show me around if I visit Brunei? :D

iantie said...

Ning Li!!
Of course!!!! I would be excited to show you my country =D