2 weekends ago...

Thursday, May 5, 2011
... it was 24th April 2011
and I had the fullest Sunday ever!

I woke up before the break of dawn, 4.30am to be exact,
switched on the heater, took my shower, got dress and around 5.30am hit the road to the capital.

No, I didn't woke up THAT early just to take pictures of the mosque, the symbol of our country; but I woke up THAT early to attend a walkaton (a MUST!) for a MoH's citizen!

Sorry for the backlight but I couldn't fix it.
It was 6am and as the program had it, everyone had to be there by 6am but as you can see, it was next to empty - still!

Time: 7am!
Waiting for HRH Prince Malik to arrive
and a colleague (in pink and black shirt) tagged alone in this picture =)

My 2 hot bosses.
Few minutes before, me and PG (in blue shirt) was having a morning conversation.
PG: Hey, who are those hot chicks? Are there our staffs? (pointing to some support staffs from different hospitals).
Me: Yea, they are from RIPAS
PG: Geezz, they are hot!
Me: (patting her on the back) Don't worry PG, we are not bad either! We are looking hot too meh!
PG: Yea, totally agree with you!


Back from walkaton, had my breakfast then it off to another function; a wedding.
Luckily, it's in a hotel, so it is more comfy hence no sweating LOL!

Perfect view of the stage

the bride...

the groom...

...and then they are together!

Congrats to cousin Nisa and hubby!

After wedding, we stopped by to my aunt's place, visiting grandma and by the time I came home, it's already 4pm. Took a nap and considering the day was also Brother Andy's 25th birthday, we had an early dinner to celebrate his birthday!

~~Happy (Belated) Birthday Bro~~

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

hey girl. can you explain what the MoH means for the walk ?
i went to anne of green gables house again yesterday for my third time now
and reading the book now hehe
~laura xx

iantie said...

So glad to have you back! =D
MoH stands for Ministry of Health, where I am one of the staffs =) We have a new minister of health hence so many activities but it was fun ;)

yea! you are finally reading it!! You should watch the movies too hehe but no worries, reading is good too. Tell me how you find it.

iantie xxx