My Weekend... 1, 2, 3...

Sunday, March 27, 2011
I had the craziest Sunday ever!

Woke up around 6am but somehow fell asleep again (LOL!)
and by the I woke up, I'm late!!

With 20 minutes to go before the start of my scheduled course,
I zoomed to my destination but surprise surprise!

On a quiet Sunday morning, I was stuck around 20 minutes because of the National Day Run! The police traffics were giving way to the runners and guess how many runners were there?
A LOT!!!!!
And honestly, I didn't know about this (if I knew I would find alternate route). Gosh, I'm so out of touch with what's happening around Brunei... haha!

-managed to snap few runners-

So, I arrived 20 minutes late for my Basic Life Support Course! But let's just say that I'm not the only late arrivals.

-the theory part-

Take a break from those theories and look outside for the great view...

... and the demonstration begins...

-the infant dummies-

-the facilitator, who is awesome! (she gave me almost full marks for my assessment.. hehe)-

-"are you choking?"-

-the adult dummy-

-choking infant with the mum standing by =)-

-i guess this dummy had seen the worst... see the bruising around the chest?-

-2 of my colleagues were doing the 2 rescuer-

We didn't have our lunch, nor we have lunch time cos the schedule was way behind so we need to catch up. The passing mark for the theory is 80% and I managed only 76% on the first sitting so I had to re-sit. While others were busy que-ing for their assessment, I sat for my second theory exam and passed =D

And surprisingly, I managed to finish all my assessments by 5pm!

Then I went next door and worked till 9.20pm!
Yup... non-stop!
By the time we closed, only then my tummy grumbled!
I fetched my brother from work, had a take away and headed home!

What a tiring Sunday!!!
Apart from a sore left arm (from doing a lot of chest compressions), it was totally worth it!

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Friday, March 25, 2011
Today is my dad's 52th birthday.
I was trying my very best roaming around my laptop and all portable devices I had for my dad's solo and serious pictures but I failed!

Cos my dad is not a serious person when it comes to photo - well, unless it's an official photo with his uniform on! Thinking about it, dad is not a serious person at all!

Happy 52th Birthday Dad!
Thanks for all the things you had done for me - mostly financially LOL!!
But seriously, apart from few mistakes (he is just a normal human after all), I couldn't and wouldn't ask for a better dad!

Me, mom and the boys wish you success in your career (although you only have 3 more years left of your service) with a good health, a good life and I pray to God everyday to bless and protect you always!
I know I maybe not the best daughter you hope for,
but hey, what to do?
You are stuck with this only daughter of yours LOL!

p.s thanks for the treat 3 days and nights at a row!
All my diet plan went to the trash and my tummy were filled with sushi (mostly!) ;)

A day at work....

Monday, March 21, 2011
Grade 4??
I wonder what's the maximum grade? LOL!

My Weekend... Sunday Fun!

I had the funnest Sunday morning yesterday!

After having breakfast, my parents, my brother, myself and 3 nieces went to Serasa beach and yea... I saw fresh cotton candy vendors and I couldn't help but to buy some =)
I am a sweet tooth person.

-O! I just love cotton candy-

-oppsss... I shouldn't let their parents see this or I'm dead for feeding their girls with sweets-

After Serasa beach, we went to Tungku beach. It was almost 12 noon but that didn't stop me from riding the ATV!

Super awesome!!

There were also ATV rentals in Serasa beach but if you want to have unlimited space to roam around with loads of uneven terrains, rent the ATV in Tungku beach. You can ride anywhere you want except for the main road tho'.

It was addictive.
Super awesome.
I might be doing this as my weekend fun =)

Behind the scene...

Saturday, March 19, 2011
... of one of our clinics so-called cleaning campaign. LOL!

Why did I say 'so-called'?
I had been working under the community setting for the last 6 out of 9 years I have been working and the cleaning campaigns, everywhere are always the same =) Of course, what else to be expected, right?

Few scenes you won't see at any other cleaning campaign:

-some 'dealings' going on involving big $-

-catching up with the gossips... oppsss.. sorry, catching up with work matters LOL-

-oh! some people DO come for cleaning (haha!) while the mum-to-be on the right posed for the camera when she knew I was taking pictures =P-

-ahh.. the closing 'ceremony' - the foods. different clinics, different menus-

So, how do I rate our cleaning campaign?
80% 'socializing' and eating
20% cleaning
but suprisingly we DID clean the pharmacy =)

Job well done!
and I went home with a tummy filled with Nasi Beryani and Chicken Marsala =D

Google Translator - Ich Mag!!

Monday, March 14, 2011
Hallo! Marhaba! Bonjour! Hola!

Apart from Malay, English, a little bit of Chinese and Arabic,
I'm sucks at any other languages LOL!

Back in the school and college, I did enroll in foreign language classes but I can only manage to stay for few weeks. Don't get me wrong, the classes were great and I did managed to pronounce some phrases correctly but when you were surrounded with Malay and English speaking people and none others, you tend to forget what you had learnt and that's the case for me. I got no one to practise my French (during those days) with.

Now, I'm learning German! LOL!!
I don't know why but somehow German language sounds more sexy (to me) than the French or Italian. Or is there something wrong with me?
And I'm learning German via the Google Translator.
My progress is slow but it is super awesome...

Now, I just need to practise my German with someone.
alle Freiwilligen? =)

Fate or Coincidence?

Sunday, March 13, 2011
Believe in fate?
I do!

There are certain things in life that I have every confidence that fate plays the important role.
For example, today!

I was on my way home and was about to come out from the Gadong junction when a guy caught my eyes.
YES! I have a very uncontrollable pairs of eyes - they kept on wondering off without me realising LOL!

But the thing that caught my attention is that, this is the same guy I strongly said (to myself), "If fate has its way, I will meet him again" when I first saw him.

I saw him a year ago, 2/4/2010
then I saw him again on 2/9/2010
and I thought that was it!

Then I saw him again (all the way in KB) last 12/01/2011
and again... today!

But then, the more I see of him, the more I want to know him!
Is he married? That would be my first important question!
3 out of 4 meetings, he was alone (including today, where Sunday is suppose to be a family day and outings with the bfs/gfs).
1 of the 4 meetings, he was with his parents =)

My meetings, is it coincidence or is it fate?
So, if its fate, what are you planning for me?


Aku Yang Kau Tinggalkan - Alina Haizar

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Author: Alina Haizar
No. of Pages: 758 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel


This is the first novel I read from this writer and it really didn't disappoint me.
As a fanatic reader, any readers infact, this is one novel you have to read.

And what makes this novel different from others is that the 'setting'.
The author managed to 'introduce' Turin, Italy and its famous cities to the readers.
And who doesn't love Italy?
For someone with an expanding imagination, I can just feel it!
The cities are historic,
the fashions are brilliant
and the men are so yummy-licious!! =D

Back to the novel, seriously, it had been listed into one of my top favorite novels!

And you can read the first few chapters online.
Feel free to click on the links above =)

Errmmm... I'm not waving at you

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
The unexpected thing happened this morning.
Suprisingly there was a long que heading towards the Kiulap roundabout (aka the BIG roundabout as we Bruneians tend to say) this morning and it was just 7.05am!

So, there are 3 lanes - 1st lane the far left, 2nd lane the middle and the 3rd lane the far right.
Observing that the middle lane was the shortest lane, I took that lane.
As I was slowly making my way to the middle lane, I passed a familiar car on the left lane; a friend hubby's car, so I slowed down and looked. I saw my friend on the passenger seat so when the hubby looked at my way, I waved.
It took them 5 seconds to recognize me and by that time I already moved on. Well, it won't be proper stopping the car just to wait for them to recognize me. It would be inconsiderate to the other drivers.

Then as I moved forward (the left and right lanes were still stuck), I saw another familiar car, this time a colleague's car on the right lane, so I did the same - I slowed down and looked at her. But she didn't saw me, so I just drove thru'.

Few seconds later, the colleague caught up with me and we waved to each other! Gosh! as if we didn't see each other that often (she's working at another clinic) LOL! And we were doing sign language like, "what? so early (you going to work)?" and other drivers were looking at us weirdly.

Realizing that our behaviors were being observed, we ceased our childish acts and just concentrated on the road (later that day, we had our proper chat through the phone).

Being on the fast lane, I was ahead of my other 2 friends. Then at one time, somehow my friend (with the hubby) passed by and she was waving (frantically) to get my attention and when I noticed her, I waved back (frantically too!) without realizing that she was far up ahead and I was accidently waving to this one very very very cute guy (who was behind my friend hubby's car) and he was looking at me, weirdly. He was giving me one of those looks and he even pointed his finger to himself as if to ask, "me?"

What did I do? I just shake my head (red faced), looked ahead and trying my very best to concentrate on the road and ignore him!
But this cute guy gave me a cheeky smile when he passed me by!
Cheeky fellow!

To ALL the ladies out there!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
---8th March---
Today is our day ladies!!
And the theme for this year:
Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women

Yeah! I support TOTALLY!
Whatever men are doing nowadays, we women can do it too
well, except for certain issue concerning religion.
No argument there.. LOL!

Brunei should celebrate International Women's Day by giving holiday to all the working women. That would be super cool! Let's see how the men would handle the office. LOL!

To all the women out there,
where ever you might be,
what ever you might be doing,
Happy Women's Day =)

Officially Hooked!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
... with Elizabeth Boyle!

Somehow I just can't get enough of her novels! LOL!

Currently I'm reading....


February Read

Title: Confessions of a Little Black Gown
Author: Elizabeth Boyle
No. of Pages: NA (ebook format)

Title: Stealing the Bride
Author: Elizabeth Boyle
No. of Pages: NA (ebook format)

Title: This Rake of Mine
Author: Elizabeth Boyle
No. of Pages: 375 pages
Publisher: Avon Books

Title: Doktor Cinta
Author: Dyadila
No. of Pages: 823 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel

Wow! It is 1 thick novel!
The storyline started with humor but as I kept on flipping the pages, it gets less humor and more tears.
I finished this novel within 2 days and at one night, I forced myself to stop and sleep after crying buckets and buckets of tears. The next morning, I got no choice but to use my glasses instead of contact lens. I got the fluffiest eyes ever! LOL!

Title: Rindu Di Awan Biru
Author: Meen Zulaikha
No. of Pages: 518 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21

You won't get disappointed with Meen Zulaikha. I lost count on how many of her novels I had read.

As a reader, I think I'm biased. Anything with polygamy in it, I don't fancy reading and I tried to avoid reading it.

But when I saw Meen Zulaikha's novel (with polygamy storyline), I just couldn't resist but to buy and read, hoping that I might like it.

Do I like this novel?

What does that tell you? +)

Title: Hati Bila Cinta
Author: Lynn Allyna
No. of Pages: 512 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel

Some people say, don't hate a person so much cos in the end, that person might be someone you would love with all your heart =)

Title: Akulah Cinderella
Author: Nozi Danisya
No. of Pages: 376 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel

Typical Cinderella story but I have to say the beginning is quiet touching.


February Fun

Oh! I know it's March already but as I was lagging behind in updating my blog,
so here it is...

20th February, we had a family picnic at the Serasa beach.
It had been quiet a long time we didn't have any family picnic so my nieces were so excited.

my 3 nieces and baby zakwan

the skinny guy in the red shirt - my youngest baby brother, Muiz
who is no longer a baby considering that he is now 18 years old.. LOL!

the weather was just so marvelous