My Weekend... Sunday Fun!

Monday, March 21, 2011
I had the funnest Sunday morning yesterday!

After having breakfast, my parents, my brother, myself and 3 nieces went to Serasa beach and yea... I saw fresh cotton candy vendors and I couldn't help but to buy some =)
I am a sweet tooth person.

-O! I just love cotton candy-

-oppsss... I shouldn't let their parents see this or I'm dead for feeding their girls with sweets-

After Serasa beach, we went to Tungku beach. It was almost 12 noon but that didn't stop me from riding the ATV!

Super awesome!!

There were also ATV rentals in Serasa beach but if you want to have unlimited space to roam around with loads of uneven terrains, rent the ATV in Tungku beach. You can ride anywhere you want except for the main road tho'.

It was addictive.
Super awesome.
I might be doing this as my weekend fun =)

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