Behind the scene...

Saturday, March 19, 2011
... of one of our clinics so-called cleaning campaign. LOL!

Why did I say 'so-called'?
I had been working under the community setting for the last 6 out of 9 years I have been working and the cleaning campaigns, everywhere are always the same =) Of course, what else to be expected, right?

Few scenes you won't see at any other cleaning campaign:

-some 'dealings' going on involving big $-

-catching up with the gossips... oppsss.. sorry, catching up with work matters LOL-

-oh! some people DO come for cleaning (haha!) while the mum-to-be on the right posed for the camera when she knew I was taking pictures =P-

-ahh.. the closing 'ceremony' - the foods. different clinics, different menus-

So, how do I rate our cleaning campaign?
80% 'socializing' and eating
20% cleaning
but suprisingly we DID clean the pharmacy =)

Job well done!
and I went home with a tummy filled with Nasi Beryani and Chicken Marsala =D

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