Fate or Coincidence?

Sunday, March 13, 2011
Believe in fate?
I do!

There are certain things in life that I have every confidence that fate plays the important role.
For example, today!

I was on my way home and was about to come out from the Gadong junction when a guy caught my eyes.
YES! I have a very uncontrollable pairs of eyes - they kept on wondering off without me realising LOL!

But the thing that caught my attention is that, this is the same guy I strongly said (to myself), "If fate has its way, I will meet him again" when I first saw him.

I saw him a year ago, 2/4/2010
then I saw him again on 2/9/2010
and I thought that was it!

Then I saw him again (all the way in KB) last 12/01/2011
and again... today!

But then, the more I see of him, the more I want to know him!
Is he married? That would be my first important question!
3 out of 4 meetings, he was alone (including today, where Sunday is suppose to be a family day and outings with the bfs/gfs).
1 of the 4 meetings, he was with his parents =)

My meetings, is it coincidence or is it fate?
So, if its fate, what are you planning for me?

2 knock knock:

Ryan said...

Like you I believe in fate so what are you waiting for, go talk to him!!!

iantie said...

haha! when it comes to me and men I like, I'm super shy LOL!!! but yes, the next time i see him, I will!