Happy Birthday Dad!!

Friday, March 25, 2011
Today is my dad's 52th birthday.
I was trying my very best roaming around my laptop and all portable devices I had for my dad's solo and serious pictures but I failed!

Cos my dad is not a serious person when it comes to photo - well, unless it's an official photo with his uniform on! Thinking about it, dad is not a serious person at all!

Happy 52th Birthday Dad!
Thanks for all the things you had done for me - mostly financially LOL!!
But seriously, apart from few mistakes (he is just a normal human after all), I couldn't and wouldn't ask for a better dad!

Me, mom and the boys wish you success in your career (although you only have 3 more years left of your service) with a good health, a good life and I pray to God everyday to bless and protect you always!
I know I maybe not the best daughter you hope for,
but hey, what to do?
You are stuck with this only daughter of yours LOL!

p.s thanks for the treat 3 days and nights at a row!
All my diet plan went to the trash and my tummy were filled with sushi (mostly!) ;)

4 knock knock:

Ryan said...

Haha Happy birthday dad, he sounds like a fun loving guy.

iantie said...

thanks Ryan... he is!! =D

Pooch Purple Reign said...

happy birthday dad!!
im sure you are an awesome daughter
~laura x

iantie said...

thanks Laura! I'm might be spoilt rottenly by my dad but I am still an obedient daughter. awesome? haha! you got to ask him yourself =D