My Weekend... 1, 2, 3...

Sunday, March 27, 2011
I had the craziest Sunday ever!

Woke up around 6am but somehow fell asleep again (LOL!)
and by the I woke up, I'm late!!

With 20 minutes to go before the start of my scheduled course,
I zoomed to my destination but surprise surprise!

On a quiet Sunday morning, I was stuck around 20 minutes because of the National Day Run! The police traffics were giving way to the runners and guess how many runners were there?
A LOT!!!!!
And honestly, I didn't know about this (if I knew I would find alternate route). Gosh, I'm so out of touch with what's happening around Brunei... haha!

-managed to snap few runners-

So, I arrived 20 minutes late for my Basic Life Support Course! But let's just say that I'm not the only late arrivals.

-the theory part-

Take a break from those theories and look outside for the great view...

... and the demonstration begins...

-the infant dummies-

-the facilitator, who is awesome! (she gave me almost full marks for my assessment.. hehe)-

-"are you choking?"-

-the adult dummy-

-choking infant with the mum standing by =)-

-i guess this dummy had seen the worst... see the bruising around the chest?-

-2 of my colleagues were doing the 2 rescuer-

We didn't have our lunch, nor we have lunch time cos the schedule was way behind so we need to catch up. The passing mark for the theory is 80% and I managed only 76% on the first sitting so I had to re-sit. While others were busy que-ing for their assessment, I sat for my second theory exam and passed =D

And surprisingly, I managed to finish all my assessments by 5pm!

Then I went next door and worked till 9.20pm!
Yup... non-stop!
By the time we closed, only then my tummy grumbled!
I fetched my brother from work, had a take away and headed home!

What a tiring Sunday!!!
Apart from a sore left arm (from doing a lot of chest compressions), it was totally worth it!

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Dai Ning Li said...

So now, more than just an online writer, we can address you as Doctor Iantie! :D Is the doctor in today? Cough! Cough!

iantie said...

Doctor? LOL! I haven't reach that level yet but unofficially I can treat people... khehe.. shuussshhh.
U not feeling well? Me too! Got sore and painful throat =(
Get well soon Ning Li =D

Ryan said...

A first aid certificate is a great thing to have, I'm just glad you made it through the runners in time. Don't take this the wrong way iantie but I find it a wee bit difficult to read the sections of your post when the pink writing is on the grey background. It's probably just me, I may need glasses.

iantie said...

Grey background? isn't it black? LOL! you know what Ryan, I had been meaning to change the font to white but haven't get the time to do it just yet. Funny that you mentioned it. Recently I just get painful eyes from reading my post - cos I'm already wearing glasses LOL! - or is it just because I'm having another round of flu? But now worries, I valued my readers input and your wish would be granted soon... so any color in mind? for the font I mean... =D

as for the 1st aid certificate, I got mine in 2004 but it was expired and I need to renew it and somehow I need to update my 'skills'..

Happy weekend Ryan!

Ryan said...

Hi Apfel I've just checked and it's my crappy iPod that's at fault. On my pc your background is black but on my iPod it's a light grey colour.

iantie said...

haha.. no worries Ryan =D