Errmmm... I'm not waving at you

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
The unexpected thing happened this morning.
Suprisingly there was a long que heading towards the Kiulap roundabout (aka the BIG roundabout as we Bruneians tend to say) this morning and it was just 7.05am!

So, there are 3 lanes - 1st lane the far left, 2nd lane the middle and the 3rd lane the far right.
Observing that the middle lane was the shortest lane, I took that lane.
As I was slowly making my way to the middle lane, I passed a familiar car on the left lane; a friend hubby's car, so I slowed down and looked. I saw my friend on the passenger seat so when the hubby looked at my way, I waved.
It took them 5 seconds to recognize me and by that time I already moved on. Well, it won't be proper stopping the car just to wait for them to recognize me. It would be inconsiderate to the other drivers.

Then as I moved forward (the left and right lanes were still stuck), I saw another familiar car, this time a colleague's car on the right lane, so I did the same - I slowed down and looked at her. But she didn't saw me, so I just drove thru'.

Few seconds later, the colleague caught up with me and we waved to each other! Gosh! as if we didn't see each other that often (she's working at another clinic) LOL! And we were doing sign language like, "what? so early (you going to work)?" and other drivers were looking at us weirdly.

Realizing that our behaviors were being observed, we ceased our childish acts and just concentrated on the road (later that day, we had our proper chat through the phone).

Being on the fast lane, I was ahead of my other 2 friends. Then at one time, somehow my friend (with the hubby) passed by and she was waving (frantically) to get my attention and when I noticed her, I waved back (frantically too!) without realizing that she was far up ahead and I was accidently waving to this one very very very cute guy (who was behind my friend hubby's car) and he was looking at me, weirdly. He was giving me one of those looks and he even pointed his finger to himself as if to ask, "me?"

What did I do? I just shake my head (red faced), looked ahead and trying my very best to concentrate on the road and ignore him!
But this cute guy gave me a cheeky smile when he passed me by!
Cheeky fellow!

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Nasra said...

I can't stop laughing..you made my day..Nice blog

iantie said...

Salam Nasra =)
thank you for stopping by upon my humble blog and i'm glad to make your day.
my readers happiness is my pleasure ;)
have a great day

Pooch Purple Reign said...

silly girl.... dont ever do that again !... say no i mean. if hes not cute, thats ok , but if hes cute just shrug and sign him "want to go for coffee? " hehe
i just got a message from a guy on facebook that i went to school with from age 4 to 16. havent seen him since then so you do the math. :)
im not sure what he wants but his pic looks pretty good and i did have a crush on him when i was like 8
o this will be fun
~laura xx

iantie said...

i'm a shy person LOL! but seriously, beneath this exterior, i'm a very shy, not daring person and yes, I do regret it. I wish I could give him my charming smile and ask him to call me LOL! Oh well, maybe next time. Brunei is small afterall. I'm bound to meet him again, just don't know when.

=D wow! talk about long lost friend (and crush!). And please don't do what I did. If his pic looks 'pretty good' as you claim it to be (and if he is available, why not? ;)

and yes, it would be fun. me here in Brunei is super excited already.


Pooch Purple Reign said...

haa yes, but the crush was sooo long ago. i dont even know who he is now.
we will see he just added me as a friend on fb. usually, when iget random connections they are just looking for my brothers. he hasnt even asked about them yet :)
its a fun intrigue no matter what comes of it.
have a great day.... and yes, NEXT TIME !! just a smile
~laura xx