Novel Review: Jodoh Kau & Aku

Thursday, January 19, 2012
Jodoh Kau & Aku
by Afifah Yusof
370 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

How shall I start this novel's review?
Okay! Have you ever experience chasing after a train or a bus? Well, as fo me, I had chased MRT and buses before, so I know how it would feel.

And that's how would I say about this novel. It has the good storyline but in my opinion the author is in a rush to finish her 'masterpiece' so everything is just so straight forward.

Natasya and Hana are half-siblings; they share the same father but different mothers. And their characters are totally opposite from each other. Natasya is the 'good' one while Hana is the 'evil' one.. haha! Reminds me of Cinderella or in novel-wise, more or less like Siti Rosmizah's Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu.

Ashraf, a lawyer is supposed to be Hana's boyfriend but when Hana managed to catch a bigger fish than Ashraf, Ashraf was crushed. Revengeful, he made sure he marries the sister, Natasya. Their father, Datuk Hasnol was furious when he found out Natasya is having a relationship with just a mere lawyer - due to an understanding created by Hana and taken advantage by Ashraf. So, Natasya married Ashraf and Datuk Hasnol no longer welcomes Natasya to his family.

As they move on with their lives, Natasya fell in love with Ashraf, knowing that Ashraf still love Hana. Ashraf, on the other hand couldn't explain his own feelings until one day, he told Natasya of his true feelings. They are living happily. When Datuk Hasnol's company was sued, Ashraf comes to the rescue and Datuk Hasnol in the end accepted Natasya and Ashraf back into his family. Hana eventually comes to her senses and as always, it comes to a happy ending for everyone.

But as I said, everything is so straight forward. It makes me wonder if life could be ever that smooth... oh well! It's worth the read, I guess.

My rating: 5/10

Next review: Tiada Dua by Nurfaza Alisya

It's THE Season! Part 2

Last Tuesday, me and my parents decided to go to mum's kampung located in Temburong.
Temburong is accessible either via boat or by car passing thru the neighboring state, Limbang.
Via boat, it would take 45 minutes thru the Brunei River
and by car, it can take up to 1.5 hours or up to 2 hours depending on the Immigration check points and Customs for both Brunei and Limbang, Malaysia.

For us, we went by car which is more convenient...

I would say, around 90% of Temburong land is forest,
which makes it so peaceful...

The journey to Temburong is not for nothing!

... a trunk full of durian and membangan...
the smell, fuuhhh...

...durian kuning...

... a wheelbarrow full of durian putih...

... a plastic full of langsat; courtesy of my parents' friend's mum...

above and below:
mata kucing... couldn't resist

... membangan; courtesy of my parents' friend...

above and below:
wajid; one of the local delicacies Temburong is known for...

With my tablet running out of battery,
luckily I brought a book and my ipod shuffle with me.
The ques to and from Temburong were surprising long.
Took off from home around 9am and came back home around 5pm!

Today morning,
me and my parents went to my dad's side.
It ain't that far from my home, around 7-10 minutes drive..

... the tampoi tree....

above and below: tembadak (or jack fruit, in English, if I'm not mistaken)

tampoi and rambutan


Gemersik Kalbu vs Bicara Hati

Okay! Just to make it clear, first and foremost, this is just plainly my own opinion. And secondly, whatever my judgements are not meant to discriminate any dramas/parties/production houses in any way or another. You have your own thinking, brains and eyes, I'm sure you don't need mine to decide on what you think, alright?

Good! We got that out of the way, now let's me review on these dramas - so far!

For novel freaks, we all know that both dramas are adaptions from novels with the same title written by Anis Ayuni and Damya Hanna respectively.

Currently Gemersik Kalbu is on their 11th episode while Bicara Hati is on 3rd. Honestly, when I knew Gemersik Kalbu is playing soon, I was super duper excited coz I just love the novel. However, it took me the 7th episode to feel the excitment! Gosh! That is quiet long, don't you think? I was about to give up watching altogether but I was thinking, why don't just see and finish it. So, here I am still waiting for the 'kick'. Or maybe the hero and heroin just bore me. I don't know... In my eyes, Aqasha is not Sufian... oh, anyway.. who am I to say...

As for Bicara Hati, I am still wondering why they only show it every Tuesday? Gosh! The wait pratically killing me!! Aha! From there my friends, you know that I'm lovin' this drama to bits! From the 1st episode itself, I felt the 'kick'. And suprisingly, watching Bicara Hati is quiet entertaining. The producer managed to fill in some humors (which I love) and makes it less straight forward. And I have to say, the hero and heroin are well-matched! I think I'm in love with Shaarnaz Ahmad (too bad he is a wee bit younger than I am... LOL... as if). He just fell a lil bit behind Aaron Aziz... LOL!


Books Craze!

Seems I can't stop myself from buying books, books and more books!
And the fact that I'm onleave with nothing to do makes it even worst!

Currently I have 12 unread Malay novels... gasp!!!

And yes! I'm that freak who put cover on all my novels...
... complete with my sticker LOL!!

It's THE Season!

Friday, January 13, 2012
For all those exotic local fruit lovers,
this is the season you have been waiting for...




and manggis..

Not really a huge fan of durian and tarap because of the smell;
but I love the rambutan...
Manggis? hmm... not so...

Plenty of exotic local fruits around
but don't drown yourself in all these fruits...
As people kept on saying,
when these fruits are around,
the flu is also sticking around...


I was updating an application yesterday
and this is what I got...

My question is:
How can it be downloading the 11th out of the 10th?

Novel Review: Kalau Sudah Sayang

Kalau Sudah Sayang
by Fieyza Fadlina
385 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

Remember my last novel review - Jauh Dari Cinta?
And how I was hoping that Kalau Sudah Sayang would be different from Jauh Dari Cinta?

Well, I'm happy to say that these 2 novels are totally different from each other =D

As I mentioned before in the Jauh Dari Cinta's review, the opening is more or less the same. Maisarah Ernieza was proposed by Ariff Zulkarnain's parents without Ariff's approval. Ariff, who has Hani at that time, had no choice but to follow his parents' wish.

On their wedding night, Ariff told Sarah that he couldn't love her and their marriage won't mean anything. Sarah ran away and went home and Ariff just couldn't be bothered until his parents demanded him to bring Sarah back.

Their marriage went on with one going to one side, while another going to other side. Basically they were strangers. But in the meantime, Ariff no longer seeing Hani and Hani also left without words. Something not quiet right here in the storyline... anyway...

One day, Ariff was involved in an accident and Sarah got her 'wife' title back by taking care of Ariff. As the day passed, Ariff realised that he has fallen in love with his wife. But it's not easy to gain Sarah's love after all he had done. Of course, they eventually made up.. ohh sweet.

Wait! It's not over yet. I mean, you think it would end just like that? No fight? and what happened to Hani? Turn out, Hani went to accompany her friend (who was in the fashion world) and travel the world. Came back to Malaysia, she was told that Ariff had married another. Fewwhh... what else? She was pissed off with Ariff but Ariff (who was madly in love with his wife at the time), just plainly ignore her. Oucchhh!

A day came when Sarah saw Ariff followed Hani to a hotel room and without confrontation, she packed her bag and went to Johor where she continued her studies.

Few months after, Ariff finally managed to track down his wife, heavily pregnant. Told her that he was nearly fallen into Hani's trap but luckily saved by his dad (who came as soon as Sarah informed him). Initially Sarah stil couldn't trust Ariff but after hearing so many stories and comments from their relatives, she eventually made up with her husband... and this time, yes, it's coming to an end...

Maybe the way I reviewed it is so plain and simple but I gotta say, this novel doesn't disappoint me. I don't know why but somehow I can 'feel' it. Ariff was working in a ship (didn't specify as what), but knowing someone you love is somewhere and with no news, it does put some unease feelings upon you... I know ;)

My rating: 8/10

Next novel: Jodoh Kau & Aku by Afifah Yusof

Cuddlin' =D

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
rarely happened...
2 tablets cuddling together...
owww... so sweet =D

Novel Review: Setia Hujung Nyawa

Monday, January 9, 2012
Setia Hujung Nyawa
by Fatin Nabila
469 pages
Alaf 21 @ grupbuku karangkraf

When Zain's girlfriend ran away a week before their marriage, Datin Adibah had no choice but to look for Sofea's replacement. Entered Ersalina. The first time she met Ersalina, Datin Adibah 'fell in love' and she knew that this is the right girl for her son, Zain.

Ersalina, who was only 18 years old at that time, couldn't say no to her mum, Haliza. For her, seeing her mum happiness was everything to her and in a way, to seek her mum's forgivness for her 'sins'. Haliza, persuaded Ersalina to accept Datin Adibah's proposal for a reason. Knowing that her daughter is pregnant without Ersalina herself knowing it, marriage was the only way out, eventhough Haliza didn't know who made her daughter pregnant.

Ersalina was pregnant and she didn't know it? hmmm.. weird erk?

Anyway, Zain and Ersalina got married. Since they were strangers, they decided to be friends and would go from there eventhought their feelings for each other were strong. A month passed without Zain 'touching' Ersalina when Ersalina fell from stairs and miscarriage. The perfect happy life they were having were no longer perfect.

Zain was furious. The wife he thought was innocent infact not as innocent as he thought. Since then, Zain would hurt Ersalina's feelings but for her love to Zain, she endured all the pains knowing that it was her fault. To make it short, they eventually made up... yippie... well, that was until Datin Adibah knew Ersalina's history. Now, it's the mum's turn to be furious; Haliza lived in guilt all the time...

I won't bored you with the lengthy review. Of course it ended with happy ending - which I love =D And you would say that this is just another cliche love novel. In a way, it is but I gotta admit, there are some valuable points in this novel. It shows how a mother's love can affect the child's love, happiness and what they are capable of doing for the love of their children.

If it's up to me, I would dedicate this novel to mothers out there... without them, who are we?

My rating: 6.5/10


The Favorite...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

tom yam mee hoon...
i always couldn't resist this dish where ever i'm going


Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Whenever I'm doing my exercise, I just bring my HP with me - music, radio and camera all in one
and it's more than enough for me

Never cross my mind to buy an iPod Shuffle
But yesterday, my BF gave me 1 - iPod Shuffle, that is ;)

iPod shuffle 4th generation...

".... to keep you occupied when jogging...."

Thank you Love
for the love and thoughts =D


Neck Oh Neck

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My neck is killing me, literally! The column between my neck and my shoulder is giving me a hard time for the last few days.

Stiff neck, most of you would call it but my mum called it, "selahau bantal" or stiffed pillow, I think. Mum, who is a bit superstitious asked me to change my pillows but being a so-called modern woman, I ain't falling into that stuffs that easy. I mean, I had been using the same pillows, the same quantity, the same style for years and I rarely had stiffed neck.

Ok, there are few reasons I can think of that may contribute to my suffering...
1. Staying long infront of the computer. What I had been doing a lot lately.. damn those reports, haha.
2. Stress.. could be!
3. Wrong sleeping position.. I'm not very sure about this as I don't observe how I sleep. That would be freaky, don't you think?
4. Lifting heavy. Oh yes.. my colleague is currently on leave hence, his duties are MY duties too... I think I sprain my shoulder or something. And it could be from my bags too. Gosh! I can't believe how many bags I have to carry to work...
5. Head down over long period of time. Opppsss... happens everytime when I'm on my tablet..

Not a big fan of medicines, yea! shocking right? lol; I haven't take anything for the pain... yet! I just applied some anti-immflamatory cream. But it ain't working and now I'm still suffering. It ain't that easy to drive with a stiffed neck and if I wanna look at something or someone, I have to turn my whole body... I think I need a massage... hmmm....


Caught in the rain....

Yesterday, I was hyper!
I planned to give both my German and Japanese babies a bath each LOL ;D
And another reason was, dad kept on nagging me on neglecting my babies for so long.... too long I guess..

weeehhhh.... shiny man! LOL! as if...
but it was far more better than before

 Unfortunately, rain poured down on me while giving my Japanese baby a shower
hence I had to cancel a date with my German baby

Oh! No worries baby...
Next time will be yours, definitely...
But I can't promise when... LOL 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Novel Review: Jauh Dari Cinta

Jauh Dari Cinta
by Adah Hamidah
636 pages
KaryaSeni Enterprise

You ever had a crush with someone back in the high school/college/university? Oh! I had! Who hasn't? But then, crush is just crush.. nothing ever happened beyond that. Feelings cannot be forced. No matter how much you like a person and if the person doesn't share the same feeling, it's not worth it ;) Move on...

And that's what Nysa Sakinah did. Once, she fell in love with a senior, "abang angkat" back in the university, Farish Aqil. But Aqil who had Lily at that time, rejected Nysa's feeling and asked her to be "his sister" forever.

Years later, Nysa was proposed by someone. Eventhough she didn't say yes, somehow her father made her so. And who would have thought that "someone" was Aqil. Which woman wouldn't be happy? Nysa was happy but somehow she couldn't believe her faith. Her love for Aqil eventually made her say yes!

Aqil, on the other hand, proposed to Nysa for a reason - Lily! Lily, who promised Aqil to come back to Malaysia, broke her promise, made Aqil frustrated. Ego spoke louder, Aqil threatned Lily that if she didn't come back, he would marry another. And that's what he did; by marrying Nysa.

When Nysa found out, it was too late to stop the marriage. In the end, she became Aqil's wife in name only. Stuffs happened after that. Her new housemate before, Sara was infact Lily; Hadif, Nysa's bestfriend and colleague is Lily's cousin and Lily wanted to be back with Aqil. Things bacame uncontrolable that Nysa ended in an accident.

When she woke up, she pretended to suffer from amnesia; the only way she could forget everything. She treated Aqil as a stranger while Aqil, who felt guilty started to take care more of Nysa and less of Lily.

When Aqil found out Nysa was pretending with amnesia, what happened after that? I mean, Aqil was a doctor and you can't lie much to a doctor about amnesia.. lol!

It's a great storyline about giving love a second chance. Some people say, why give love to someone who never appreciate it? But then, I would ask, you would never know what you will discover until you give love a second chance ;)

But there is 1 point I would like to raise. I read Jauh Dari Cinta back in October 2011 and currently, I'm reading Kalau Sudah Sayang by Fieyza Fadlina. Suprisingly the story started almost the same. The story started with the heroin received a proposal from the guy's family, am i right? When I stared reading Kalau Sudah Sayang, I stopped mid page and was saying to myself, have I read this novel before? Hmmm... it took me a while to search which novel has the same "entrance".

I'm not saying it's not good but as a reader, we or I want something extraordinary to start a story.. don't let it be the same as others coz when there is too much similarity, a reader like moi would get bored easily... well, let's hope Kalau Sudah Sayang won't be disappointing... wait for my review ;)

My rating: 7.5/10

Reality Kicks In...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
... too soon, i guess... *yawn*

school reopens last tuesday,
everyone's back from their december leave last tuesday
and it was the first working day of the year (the government sector)
no more holidays!!! *another BIG yawn*

back to work...
back facing the usual traffic morning and afternoon *big sigh*

...gone the diet... lol!
 chocolates taste 10x more yummy-licious when you are stress...
why am i stress?

first week of every year = drug usage reports!
and lots of it!
so many reports need to be done, which i dislike doing...

... sometimes i feel like an accountant; 
which sounds very very horrible coz i'm lousy with numbers =D

i think i'm in need of a 'happy pills' lol!!
p.s cross any ideas that comes to your mind when you read 'happy pills'
and saw these pink tablets coz it ain't the real happy 'happy pills', if you get what i meant.
the above tablets are just vitamins =D in pink!!

oh well, the bright side of today....

a senior from college came by and gave me 2 harrods ballpens with the gold casing =D
a gift from UK...
thank you jus!!

apart from that,
wishing the days would pass by quickly so that saturday will come soon... can't hardly wait to see the boyfriend lol!
and of course, my leave would also start soon.... very soon if the days would just pass by =D

Novel Review: Sungguh Aku Mengerti

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Sungguh Aku Mengerti
by Amisha Dania
442 pages
KaryaSeni Enterprise

This would be the 'closing' novel of 2011 for me. 

Danisha Khalida was raped by her stepfather when she was 11 years old. With nothing to offer for her future husband, she was not keen towards the opposite sex until there came Tengku Isma Danish. 

Danish who was married the time he and Danisha met knew that he was falling in love at first sight. At the same time, his marriage to Rozita was coming to an end which eventually ended when Rozita was involved in an accident and die.

The same feelings they had towards each other and no one in the way to interfere with their relationship, let's just say that everything is so smooth. Too smooth that i kept on telling myself that this is all fiction, which it is. The only 'critical' time in this novel is when Danish introduced Danisha to his royalty family and when Danisha's mum came back into their life but as i said before, it's too smooth..

From the starting of the novel, everything is straight forward which is both good and bad (for an avid reader like myself). It's kindda like Cinderella-type story; a girl raped by the stepdad, raised in the orphanage, met her prince in shining armor, got married and lived happily ever after. If i want to compare it with any other novels, it's really disappointing. Don't get me wrong, the storyline is interesting but somehow the way the writer expressed it in writing ain't that great. 

Most of the characters were kindda blury, shall i say. For me, there is so much missing link in this novel that at some point i was wondering whether the writer was in so much of a hurry to finish this novel and submit it to the editor.  

Ratings: 5/10