Gemersik Kalbu vs Bicara Hati

Thursday, January 19, 2012
Okay! Just to make it clear, first and foremost, this is just plainly my own opinion. And secondly, whatever my judgements are not meant to discriminate any dramas/parties/production houses in any way or another. You have your own thinking, brains and eyes, I'm sure you don't need mine to decide on what you think, alright?

Good! We got that out of the way, now let's me review on these dramas - so far!

For novel freaks, we all know that both dramas are adaptions from novels with the same title written by Anis Ayuni and Damya Hanna respectively.

Currently Gemersik Kalbu is on their 11th episode while Bicara Hati is on 3rd. Honestly, when I knew Gemersik Kalbu is playing soon, I was super duper excited coz I just love the novel. However, it took me the 7th episode to feel the excitment! Gosh! That is quiet long, don't you think? I was about to give up watching altogether but I was thinking, why don't just see and finish it. So, here I am still waiting for the 'kick'. Or maybe the hero and heroin just bore me. I don't know... In my eyes, Aqasha is not Sufian... oh, anyway.. who am I to say...

As for Bicara Hati, I am still wondering why they only show it every Tuesday? Gosh! The wait pratically killing me!! Aha! From there my friends, you know that I'm lovin' this drama to bits! From the 1st episode itself, I felt the 'kick'. And suprisingly, watching Bicara Hati is quiet entertaining. The producer managed to fill in some humors (which I love) and makes it less straight forward. And I have to say, the hero and heroin are well-matched! I think I'm in love with Shaarnaz Ahmad (too bad he is a wee bit younger than I am... LOL... as if). He just fell a lil bit behind Aaron Aziz... LOL!

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alexa yussida said...

i just finish marathon those 2 dramas...cant wait the ending eps for gemersik kalbu.N u are right,bicara hati has their own kick from the first eps and the progressing of the show make me bore,i just cant wait...huhu

iantie said...

We r on the same boat ;)
Cant wait for the end of gemersik kalbu but at the same time kindda sad to know that gemersik kalbu is coming to an end.... soon! *big sigh*