Reality Kicks In...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
... too soon, i guess... *yawn*

school reopens last tuesday,
everyone's back from their december leave last tuesday
and it was the first working day of the year (the government sector)
no more holidays!!! *another BIG yawn*

back to work...
back facing the usual traffic morning and afternoon *big sigh*

...gone the diet... lol!
 chocolates taste 10x more yummy-licious when you are stress...
why am i stress?

first week of every year = drug usage reports!
and lots of it!
so many reports need to be done, which i dislike doing...

... sometimes i feel like an accountant; 
which sounds very very horrible coz i'm lousy with numbers =D

i think i'm in need of a 'happy pills' lol!!
p.s cross any ideas that comes to your mind when you read 'happy pills'
and saw these pink tablets coz it ain't the real happy 'happy pills', if you get what i meant.
the above tablets are just vitamins =D in pink!!

oh well, the bright side of today....

a senior from college came by and gave me 2 harrods ballpens with the gold casing =D
a gift from UK...
thank you jus!!

apart from that,
wishing the days would pass by quickly so that saturday will come soon... can't hardly wait to see the boyfriend lol!
and of course, my leave would also start soon.... very soon if the days would just pass by =D

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