Neck Oh Neck

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My neck is killing me, literally! The column between my neck and my shoulder is giving me a hard time for the last few days.

Stiff neck, most of you would call it but my mum called it, "selahau bantal" or stiffed pillow, I think. Mum, who is a bit superstitious asked me to change my pillows but being a so-called modern woman, I ain't falling into that stuffs that easy. I mean, I had been using the same pillows, the same quantity, the same style for years and I rarely had stiffed neck.

Ok, there are few reasons I can think of that may contribute to my suffering...
1. Staying long infront of the computer. What I had been doing a lot lately.. damn those reports, haha.
2. Stress.. could be!
3. Wrong sleeping position.. I'm not very sure about this as I don't observe how I sleep. That would be freaky, don't you think?
4. Lifting heavy. Oh yes.. my colleague is currently on leave hence, his duties are MY duties too... I think I sprain my shoulder or something. And it could be from my bags too. Gosh! I can't believe how many bags I have to carry to work...
5. Head down over long period of time. Opppsss... happens everytime when I'm on my tablet..

Not a big fan of medicines, yea! shocking right? lol; I haven't take anything for the pain... yet! I just applied some anti-immflamatory cream. But it ain't working and now I'm still suffering. It ain't that easy to drive with a stiffed neck and if I wanna look at something or someone, I have to turn my whole body... I think I need a massage... hmmm....

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