Novel Review: Jauh Dari Cinta

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jauh Dari Cinta
by Adah Hamidah
636 pages
KaryaSeni Enterprise

You ever had a crush with someone back in the high school/college/university? Oh! I had! Who hasn't? But then, crush is just crush.. nothing ever happened beyond that. Feelings cannot be forced. No matter how much you like a person and if the person doesn't share the same feeling, it's not worth it ;) Move on...

And that's what Nysa Sakinah did. Once, she fell in love with a senior, "abang angkat" back in the university, Farish Aqil. But Aqil who had Lily at that time, rejected Nysa's feeling and asked her to be "his sister" forever.

Years later, Nysa was proposed by someone. Eventhough she didn't say yes, somehow her father made her so. And who would have thought that "someone" was Aqil. Which woman wouldn't be happy? Nysa was happy but somehow she couldn't believe her faith. Her love for Aqil eventually made her say yes!

Aqil, on the other hand, proposed to Nysa for a reason - Lily! Lily, who promised Aqil to come back to Malaysia, broke her promise, made Aqil frustrated. Ego spoke louder, Aqil threatned Lily that if she didn't come back, he would marry another. And that's what he did; by marrying Nysa.

When Nysa found out, it was too late to stop the marriage. In the end, she became Aqil's wife in name only. Stuffs happened after that. Her new housemate before, Sara was infact Lily; Hadif, Nysa's bestfriend and colleague is Lily's cousin and Lily wanted to be back with Aqil. Things bacame uncontrolable that Nysa ended in an accident.

When she woke up, she pretended to suffer from amnesia; the only way she could forget everything. She treated Aqil as a stranger while Aqil, who felt guilty started to take care more of Nysa and less of Lily.

When Aqil found out Nysa was pretending with amnesia, what happened after that? I mean, Aqil was a doctor and you can't lie much to a doctor about amnesia.. lol!

It's a great storyline about giving love a second chance. Some people say, why give love to someone who never appreciate it? But then, I would ask, you would never know what you will discover until you give love a second chance ;)

But there is 1 point I would like to raise. I read Jauh Dari Cinta back in October 2011 and currently, I'm reading Kalau Sudah Sayang by Fieyza Fadlina. Suprisingly the story started almost the same. The story started with the heroin received a proposal from the guy's family, am i right? When I stared reading Kalau Sudah Sayang, I stopped mid page and was saying to myself, have I read this novel before? Hmmm... it took me a while to search which novel has the same "entrance".

I'm not saying it's not good but as a reader, we or I want something extraordinary to start a story.. don't let it be the same as others coz when there is too much similarity, a reader like moi would get bored easily... well, let's hope Kalau Sudah Sayang won't be disappointing... wait for my review ;)

My rating: 7.5/10

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