It's THE Season! Part 2

Thursday, January 19, 2012
Last Tuesday, me and my parents decided to go to mum's kampung located in Temburong.
Temburong is accessible either via boat or by car passing thru the neighboring state, Limbang.
Via boat, it would take 45 minutes thru the Brunei River
and by car, it can take up to 1.5 hours or up to 2 hours depending on the Immigration check points and Customs for both Brunei and Limbang, Malaysia.

For us, we went by car which is more convenient...

I would say, around 90% of Temburong land is forest,
which makes it so peaceful...

The journey to Temburong is not for nothing!

... a trunk full of durian and membangan...
the smell, fuuhhh...

...durian kuning...

... a wheelbarrow full of durian putih...

... a plastic full of langsat; courtesy of my parents' friend's mum...

above and below:
mata kucing... couldn't resist

... membangan; courtesy of my parents' friend...

above and below:
wajid; one of the local delicacies Temburong is known for...

With my tablet running out of battery,
luckily I brought a book and my ipod shuffle with me.
The ques to and from Temburong were surprising long.
Took off from home around 9am and came back home around 5pm!

Today morning,
me and my parents went to my dad's side.
It ain't that far from my home, around 7-10 minutes drive..

... the tampoi tree....

above and below: tembadak (or jack fruit, in English, if I'm not mistaken)

tampoi and rambutan

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Pooch Purple Reign said...

nice pics! we have jack fruit here ! i just dont know what to do with it. do you peel it or just cut it?
and what is that inside the leaf?
~laura xx