Novel Review: Kalau Sudah Sayang

Friday, January 13, 2012
Kalau Sudah Sayang
by Fieyza Fadlina
385 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

Remember my last novel review - Jauh Dari Cinta?
And how I was hoping that Kalau Sudah Sayang would be different from Jauh Dari Cinta?

Well, I'm happy to say that these 2 novels are totally different from each other =D

As I mentioned before in the Jauh Dari Cinta's review, the opening is more or less the same. Maisarah Ernieza was proposed by Ariff Zulkarnain's parents without Ariff's approval. Ariff, who has Hani at that time, had no choice but to follow his parents' wish.

On their wedding night, Ariff told Sarah that he couldn't love her and their marriage won't mean anything. Sarah ran away and went home and Ariff just couldn't be bothered until his parents demanded him to bring Sarah back.

Their marriage went on with one going to one side, while another going to other side. Basically they were strangers. But in the meantime, Ariff no longer seeing Hani and Hani also left without words. Something not quiet right here in the storyline... anyway...

One day, Ariff was involved in an accident and Sarah got her 'wife' title back by taking care of Ariff. As the day passed, Ariff realised that he has fallen in love with his wife. But it's not easy to gain Sarah's love after all he had done. Of course, they eventually made up.. ohh sweet.

Wait! It's not over yet. I mean, you think it would end just like that? No fight? and what happened to Hani? Turn out, Hani went to accompany her friend (who was in the fashion world) and travel the world. Came back to Malaysia, she was told that Ariff had married another. Fewwhh... what else? She was pissed off with Ariff but Ariff (who was madly in love with his wife at the time), just plainly ignore her. Oucchhh!

A day came when Sarah saw Ariff followed Hani to a hotel room and without confrontation, she packed her bag and went to Johor where she continued her studies.

Few months after, Ariff finally managed to track down his wife, heavily pregnant. Told her that he was nearly fallen into Hani's trap but luckily saved by his dad (who came as soon as Sarah informed him). Initially Sarah stil couldn't trust Ariff but after hearing so many stories and comments from their relatives, she eventually made up with her husband... and this time, yes, it's coming to an end...

Maybe the way I reviewed it is so plain and simple but I gotta say, this novel doesn't disappoint me. I don't know why but somehow I can 'feel' it. Ariff was working in a ship (didn't specify as what), but knowing someone you love is somewhere and with no news, it does put some unease feelings upon you... I know ;)

My rating: 8/10

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tqsm dear darling... really really appreciate with your comment..:)
by the way, this my 1st book and i'm not imagine that this manuscript will be publish a book until one day publisher call me n they want the full manuscript.. the original manuscript are no like what you have done read, it's so bad actually(b'coz i'm not any basic as a writer). but after seeing the editor, the manuscript totally change..:D