WHAT? That's it??!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
I know the series are coming to the end of the season and I had been expecting it especially for Mercy tv series.

My assumption was that the season would end at episode 20 but when there are episodes 21 and 22, so I folishly thought that it would end with the rest of the other series - at episode 24!

But no! I just found out yesterday that... that's it! The episode 22 is the last episode of the season 1!

Are they (the producers, directors and writers... basically the whole tv show!) kidding me? I was at the edge of my seats for the last couple of days, anticipating the next episode!

In episode 22, so many unanswered questions that need to be answered and me being me, of course getting impatient. Briggs got engaged with the ex-gf after he kissed Chloe; Mike somohow got into trouble when he tried to help a lady; Chris went to Afghanistan and the plane got hijacked and Veroica as always, still couldn't make up her mind!

But then I guess despite my impatient nature, I gotta wait till September... if they are coming up with the second season....

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