Switch Off and Set (SOS)

Saturday, May 22, 2010
In conjunction with the Energy Day on 24th May, Brunei's citizens are urge to participate in SOS campaign. The Switch Off and Set (SOS) campaign would start from 9am till 9pm.

The SOS would emphsis on switching off the unnecessary lights and other electrical appliances, to switch off the refrigerator and water heater and to switch off the air conditioning or to set the temperature 1 degree celcius higher.

As for me, I would be at work on that day and as everyday, I switch off all the electrical appliances, the air conditions and water heater at my room as no one enters my room when I'm not around.

I could switch off some unnecessary lights at work and setting the air conditioning temperature a degree celcius higher but to switch it off totally would be unthinkable due to the drugs we keep.

At the end of this campaign, the total energy saved for the period would be announced in the local radios.. cool eh! I hope Brunei's citizen would participate and it would be an achievement to know that we somehow tried to save our energy.

On the same day, the fuel prices would be sold without the government subsidy. If any of you out there don't know this yet, fuel in Brunei is subsidzed by the government.

Fuel Grade - Without Subsidy (24th May) - With Subsidy
Premium 97 - $0.98/litre - $0.53/litre
Super 92 - $0.92/litre - $0.519/litre
Regular 85 - $0.86/litre - $0.36/litre
Diesel - $0.91/litre - $0.31/litre

Of course, the Brunei's citizens would be unhappy due to this change but it is mainly done to create awareness to conserve our energy resources and why not we do it in small steps? Besides it would be only for a day. So, if you don't want to spend unnecessary expenses to pay for the fuel for that day, buy fuel a day earlier... I bet the fuel stations would be choas during the weekend.

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