White gold ring in a wedding finger

Thursday, June 25, 2009
I rarely wear a ring when m working coz in my line of duty, it's kindda hard to keep a ring secure. But today, I wore my white gold ring and I wore it at my wedding finger. Then a regular patient came to the clinic and he said to me, "eh, berseri-seri jua" and me, never take anything serious, just said, " awu, andangnya". I never thought that he misunderstod me. Then his next question surprise me. "Bila majlisnya?" ERK!!! hahaha! He thought that m getting married!!!

Geez! It's kindda hard nowdays to wear a nice white gold ring without someone thought u r attached! Is that y guys gave me the dissapointed look?? Damn! I should ring-less starting tomorrow....ahakZZZ!!!

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