Thursday, June 11, 2009

Me on top of Bukit Laur, in between Tasek and Markucing

The journey took placed 3 weeks ago. The 5 of us went again except Hj Tahir didn't come this time. Instead Salehan came with us. We decided that this would be a return journey so we didn't park any car in Markucing. We all gathered at Tasek as early as 6.30am. The round trip took us 3 hours and along those hike, mum and dad called me more than 5 times *yikes* just to ask whether I could make it return. If I couldn't make it, they would fetch me in Markucing. Weh!!! Nda siuk f half way sja so told them, I would definitly make it....which was barely! Fewhh! I made it back but not without aching muscles all over! For that 1 week, I was walking like a robot....hehe but hati puas!!!

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