Swine, Swine and more Swine....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Today, we got a verbal order from the upper management for all the staffs of Department of Pharmaceutical Services (and I think all of MoH) not to leave the country. With the increasing number of swine flu cases in Brunei, MoH is now on high alert and extra precautions had been made! As of today, 8 reported cases had been confirmed. As it happened it to be, I know 2 of the patients. May they be strong going thru' all these, InsyaAllah.

For the public out there, please be noted that the Influenza A vaccine does not protect you against Swine flu. Influenza A vaccine which is currently available in Brunei is only to protect you from seasonal flu but NOT for swine flu, bird flu and such. I know everyone is kindda panicking at the moment. Today alone, my dispensary direct line received more than 10 phone calls inquiring about the vaccine. And I'm sorry that neither any of us can help you. The only thing we can help you is to give you the Vaccination Centre phone number and hopefully they can answer any questions you have in mind.

In the meantime, please take extra precautions. Avoid travelling out of the country if you can. And please, go and seek medical treatment if you are unwell. It's good to be 'kiasiu' once in a while. And for parents out there, avoid bringing your children to the clinics/hospitals if they are not sick. Bear in mind that, they COULD be exposed to the danger.

Let's pray for this flu to be over soon, InsyaAllah.

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